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Construction of the London Underground

A fun, informative Prezi on the construction of the London Underground.

Christine Evans

on 9 August 2010

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Transcript of Construction of the London Underground

1864 1868 1884 1890 1900 1906 1906 1968 1979 1863 1898 Lines opened in... Christine evans Construction of the
London Underground in the beginning... 1845: Solicitor to London, Charles Pearson
came up with the idea to transport goods
through an underground railway system 1854: Construction for Metropolitan railway approved by Parliament
and financially backed
by Great Western Railway Metropolitan railway opened in February 1863
and was soon carrying 26,000 passengers a day Early Tunnels constructed using cut
and cover method. Advances were later made so that the trains could be constructed further under ground, causing much less
disruption to the roadways above the tower subway was constructed in a tubular fashion using segmented cast iron supports; this worked so well that they used it to construct every line hereafter.
and thus the name "the tube" in 1907 the 8 separate railways that ran the trains
decided to co-operate and join together to form "the underground" and in 1913 the underground symbol first appeared in 1933 Harry Beck created the diagrammic tube map that is still used today, although it's an updated version Number of stations: 275 Number of Lines: 11 3.4 million riders Current Stats Deepest station: Hampsted:
16 stories underground Number of Escaltors: 417 Number of lifts: 64 Longest escalator: Angel, 197 ft. Longest tunnel: 17.4 miles
on Northern line every day The trains travel 43,000,000
miles every year Fun Tube Facts the record for visiting
every tube station in london
stands at 16 hours, 44 minutes
and 16 seconds (2009) in 1978 a conceptual game called Mornington Crescent
was created on the show "I'm sorry haven't a clue". Played
on every episode of the sixth series, Mornington crescent is
a game with rules that seem to change everytime it is played.
Many fan sites and forums are dedicated to playing and
dissecting the game. players seem to randomly name tube
stations and attempt to be the first one to announce
"mornington Crescent" In 1979 a game based on the tube map was created.
players must choose a home station and draw a card to
see which station they must try and reach. dice are rolled
to move between stations and hazard cards are drawn
when changing lines to make the game more challenging. Tube Photos old Euston station closed down
street station Old angel station train kept between Holborn
and closed aldwych station Closed Aldwych station used in many
films such as Atonement, V for Vendetta, the edge of love and 28 weeks later Closed portion of the tube
used as a shelter in WW2 this shot makes it easy to imagine bunks set up here during WW2
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