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Select People

Introduction to Select People, our business and how we deliver a unique service to our clients

Jonathan Campbell

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Select People

Double click anywhere & add an idea Who are Select People? Founded 2008
Irish Company recruiting globally
Research & Sourcing focused
NOT Database/ Advertising driven
Nominated by Industry peers as the IrishRecruiters Agency of the year 2009
Enhanced Headhunting Service at Contingency Fees
Select People for the speed at which it consistently embraced the use of technology throughout FY09. If you go to their site you can see clear example of how they have integrated, blogging, micro-blogging and social networking into the core messaging of their brand. This has helped Select People clearly consolidate their place in the international recruitment marketplace where they compete with agencies from around the world. IrishRecruiters Industry Awards 2009:
Agency Award Winners: Client Recruiter Active Job Seekers Print Media Agency Website Jobs Boards Agency Database Traditional Contingency Recruitment Model Active Job Seekers make up only 16% of the workforce
Only 14% of consumers trust advertisements
Traditional recruitment advertising still only captures a very small % of the "low hanging" active job seekers
Clients get the "best candidates that the agency has" rather than the BEST CANDIDATES!
Our Model: Client Select People Research & Direct Contact Research:
Who are our client's Competitors?
What Professional Quals/ Affiliatons might the candidate have?
Where are these Candidates now?
Who are at the top of their game?
Where/ How do they network?
Who are their friends/ colleagues/ former classmates?

Old fashioned Networking:
Identify prospects by employer/ title/ reccomendation and contact them
Present Client & Opportunity
Confirm Interest
Seek or Build CV/ Bio/ Profile
Interview & Assess
Present to Client
Act as honest broker and assist in negotiations
Our Skills & Experience: Highly skilled users of Boolean operators and modifiers to interrogate search engines and identify names on the web and "deep web".
Sigificant investment in emerging sourcing technologies to leverage "best of class" techniques
Bigger Picture: Founding Directors have a depth of recruitment and commercial knowledge across multiple business sectors
Strong presence on Social Networking Platforms with large base of fans and followers
Global expertise brings added dimension to local recruitment
National Recruitment Agency Representative on Microsoft supported "IrishRecruiters" Think Tank to raise skill levels in recruitment within Ireland.
Our "database" consists of every person in the world who has an email address or phone number.

Our skills allow us to quickly identify relevant candidates for our clients and deliver EXACTLY what they ask for.

Our experience ensures that the best possible candidate is offered and accepts our client's job.

Our service and price ensures that our clients ALWAYS use us for difficult or senior assignments Why Select People? What type of people have we found? Accountants
Insurance Experts
HR Professionals
IT Specialists
Where? Bahamas
Cayman Islands
Chile Ireland
Neth Antilles
USA Our Clients: Not convinced about the power of Social Media to source your future employees?
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