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Media Servers for Mortals The quick guide to JSR309 madness

No description

RJ Auburn

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Media Servers for Mortals The quick guide to JSR309 madness

Media Servers
for Mortals The quick guide to
JSR309 Madness Basic Prompt Playback
(aka hello world) JSR-289 JSR-309 Lines of Code RJ Auburn
Chief Technology Officer
Voxeo Corporation @zscgeek
rj@voxeo.com SIP Servlets Standard Java based API for writing SIP applications. 1.0 standardized as JSR-116. 1.1 standardized as JSR-289 Extends the Servlet model
to support SIP and
communications applications Supported by a large number of application servers including Oracle (BEA), Redhat (Mobicents), IBM(WebSphere), Sun (GlassFish), and Voxeo (PRISM) Request Methods doInvite(SipServletRequest req);
doAck(SipServletRequest req);
doOptions(SipServletRequest req);
doBye(SipServletRequest req);
doCancel(SipServletRequest req);
doSubscribe(SipServletRequest req);
doNotify(SipServletRequest req);
doMessage(SipServletRequest req);
doInfo(SipServletRequest req);
doPrack(SipServletRequest req); Response Methods doProvisionalResponse(SipServletResponse res);
doSuccessResponse(SipServletResponse res);
doRedirectResponse(SipServletResponse res);
doErrorResponse(SipServletResponse res); Basic Request public class BasicSIPServlet extends SipServlet {
protected void doInfo(SipServletRequest req)
throws ServletException, IOException {
// do stuff
} Objects of Interest SipFactory SipSession SipApplicationSession SipServletRequest SipServletResponse Proxy B2buaHelper JSR-309 Java Media Server API Based on the CCXML media model Final Release, Dec 2009 Provides dialog resources, conferencing,
media routing to Java applications Core Concepts NetworkConnection MediaMixer MediaGroup Joinable Player Recorder SignalDetector SignalGenerator DTMF Speech Reco Prompt and Collect Simplify Java Communications Applications Consistent programming model and
state machine Unified API for call control, media control, multi-channel and convergence Liberal Open Source License (Apache) Deals with the Media for a Party Manages SDP Joinable to other resources Can have more then one media stream Audio Video Message One input Multiple Outputs Can join() to other Joinable objects Full or half duplex connections A Conference Mixer Takes multiple inputs and outputs MixerAdapter go in the inputs and outputs Can "clamp" out tones change volume IVR like functions VxmlDialog Can be used in place a of a MediaGroup Connects to a VoiceXML Browser 3 Main Methods start() prepare() exit() Sits on top of JSR-289
and JSR-309 MediaSession A MediaSession is a container and factory for media objects It handles the cleanup of objects it creates on release() Unified Communications
Application Server SIP Application Server Media Server IM and Presence Prism Supports Converged SIP,
Web and XMPP applications. Carrier grade high performance platform Scales to hundreds of call setups per
second and 10’s of thousands of
active sessions per server Rich SIP Registration and Presence support. Full support for high availability and
session replication allowing deployment
of mission critical applications Fully native host based telephony platform Adaptive jitter buffer and Packet loss concealment JSR309, MRCP and MGCP based media control Advanced Call Progress Detection Multi-party conference mixing Full Call Recording and Encryption http://www.voxeo.com/prism Public key encryption PGP Addresses compliance requirements PCI HIPAA rj@voxeo.com
skype:zscgeek RJ Auburn http://www.voxeo.com/prism Questions ? Up to 8000 ports on a standard 1U server Dual Quad Core 2.3Ghz (L5520)
48GB Ram
80 GB Intel SSD Lets get Fancy! Runs inside any JSR289 SIP Application Server and with JSR-309 Media Server adapter http://labs.voxeo.com/moho/ Download the Free Developer edition Speech Recognition Text to Speech Time for some code...
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