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Ch. 15 Nervous System

No description

David Ysaguirre

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Ch. 15 Nervous System

Pathophysiology Ch. 15 Nervous System Function & Structure Peripheral Nervous System Word Parts regulate & control activities of body systems Divided into two parts:
central nervous system
peripheral nervous system Central Nervous System Brain
major portion of CNS cerebrum
largest portion of brain
divided into left & right hemispheres
controls skeletal muscle
interprets general senses (pain, temp, touch, etc.)
contains centers for sight & hearing
intellect, memory, emotions occur here ventricles
spaces within brain containing CSF
CSF flows through subarachnoid space around brain and spinal cord Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)
clear, colorless fluid
cushions brain & spinal cord from shock
transports nutrients
clears metabolic waste cerebellum
AKA hindbrain
located under posterior portion of cerebrum
assists in skeletal muscle coordination and maintaining balance brainstem
connects brain to spinal cord
comprised of pons, midbrain, medulla oblongata medulla oblongata
located between pons and spinal cord
controls respiration, heart rate, BP Spinal cord
extends from medulla to L2
conducts nerve impulses to and from brain
initiates reflex action without brain input meninges
3 layers of membrane that cover brain and spinal cord
dura mater - tough outer layer
arachnoid - delicate mid-layer that is loosely attached to pia mater
pia mater - thin inner layer Organs of PNS
cord-like structure that carries impulses
12 pairs of cranial nerves
31 pairs of spinal nerves
group of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS Nervous System Combining Forms 1. cerebell/o - cerebellum
2. cerebr/o - cerebrum, brain
3. dur/o - hard, dura mater
4. encephal/o - brain
5. gangli/o - ganglion
6. ganglion/o - ganglion 7. mening/i - meninges
8. mening/o - meninges
9. myel/o - spinal cord
10. neur/o - nerve
11. radic/o - nerve root
12. radicul/o - nerve root
13. rhiz/o - nerve root CFs commonly used with Nervous System 14. esthesi/o - sensation, sensitivity, feeling
15. ment/o - mind
16. phren/o - mind
17. psych/o - mind
18. mon/o - one
19. phas/o - speech
20. poli/o - gray matter
21. quadr/i - four Prefixes 22. pre-: before
23. tetra-: four Suffixes 24. -iatrist: specialist, physician
25. -iatry: treatment, specialty
26. -ictal: seizure, attack
27. -paresis: slight paralysis Abbreviations 28. AD - Alzheimer's disease
29. ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity
30. ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
31. CP - cerenral palsy
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