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My Healthy and Active Life

No description

Nick Bell

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of My Healthy and Active Life

My Healthy and Active Life
By: Nick Bell
My Active Living
Active Living
These are the following ways I have an active living life. Everyday when I am at Pine Lake Campground (especially in the summer), I am I always go over to the basketball court and shoot some hoops. I play for about one hour a day at least five times a week. With my brother we do multiple things together by ourselves like baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, mini-golf, swimming, and bicycling. The big way I show active living is that I am a first kyu brown belt in the martial art of karate. Everyday I train by myself for about one hour and participate in class in Holmesville, Ontario every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00- 8:30. I have been in karate for nine years now as it acts as a stress reliever also. I can't really do too much more as I am a pretty active child.
Healthy Eating
I might not be the world's healthiest eater, but I eat as much healthy food as possible. I eat a fair bit of fruits and vegetables as I eat everything but mushrooms; I do not like mushrooms. My favourite healthy meal has to be a good stir fry. It has rice, peppers, broccoli, and the protein of chicken. This is especially good with a cold glass of white 1% milk. Between my brother and I, we drink approximately 16 Liters of milk a week. We only drink juice or pop on special occasions like the weekend because milk does gives you strong bones. In the future I should eat some more fruits and vegetables to maintain the restrictions of the Canada food guide.
Healthy Relationships
I have very healthy relationships with my parents, my brother, and my dog. With my parents we have a very open relationship with each other as if we have any problems, we can talk it out. We always make sure that we are always happy no matter what consequences are going on in that time. With my brother we talk out our differences quickly and carry on with our lives. We play video games and sports with each other and talk. With my dog, Rex, I can talk to him as long as I want and he will always listen (so I think).

Health and Stress
There are multiple ways on how I relieve stress from my life. In my life I get stress from mostly school and other things. One way for me to relax and relief stress is to listen or play music. Whenever I play my trumpet I start to calm down and relieve my stress. Another way to relief stress is by spending time with my family. It doesn't matter what we're doing, I am always relaxed. The last way I can take everything off my mind is by playing sports. Especially when I am doing karate I am always relaxed and doing things I love to do.
When I play my trumpet, it completely relaxes me.
My brother and I drink approximately 16L of milk a week.
My Dog Rex
Food I usually buy at the grocery store.
My favourite healthy meal.
Food I should probably stay away from.
I play a lot of basketball during the summer at my trailer
I like to play both tennis and baseball.
Me going for my orange belt.
Me winning three gold medals after a tournament
Me after getting my new set of fighting gear and advancing in a new way of training.
This is my current belt in karate where mynext one is black.
This is my brother Robert
This is Mom.
This is my Dad.
I always have fun with my family no matter what we are doing.
Doing karate with my friends always puts a smile on my face.
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