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Festival Foods

No description

Ava Justus

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Festival Foods

Festival Foods
The Success Story

Have you heard?
Festival Foods is one of the Midwest's top grocery stores!
We are now going to learn how they did it!
Part One: A Solid Foundation
Part Two: Leadership
Part Three: Competing
Part Four
Part Five: Operations
Part Six: Beyond Self
Part Seven: Reflections
Part Eight: Moments along the way
Part Nine: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Summer of 1989, on a Tuesday
Execute events like Melon Fest and Pumpkin Fest
The best time to do better is when your doing your best
30 stores nationwide
Own 18
Will it bring customers back
Three E's : Establish, explore, and eliminate
Mistakes are okay- Failure is easy, success is hard
A Servant Leader- A constant journey
Communication is key
Change- cant become what we want by remaining the same
Culture is repeated behavior with an effect
Four key elements: Service, Philanthrophy, Cleanliness, and Humility
Growth is very scary
Hedghog Theory- Seeing what is essential
Sam Walton is not the enemy
They have learned CHANT, 10 tile rule, and morning huddles
Celebrate your teams success
Character is shining under pressure
Coaching- To instruct, train, or tutor
Controling- To restrain or regulate
Sliders and Resisters were once good performers, then they "hit a wall"
Advertising is helpful but experience is key
A Player- Filled with passion
B Player- Heart of the company
C Player- Procrastinaters
Good enough never is
"We are in the relationship business but we just happen to sell food"
All information found in the book
Written by : Dave Skogen

Written by: Dave Skogen

Leadership Principles
That Bring the Customer Back
Thank goodness its Monday
Learn to listen four times more than you speak
Happiness will come when you try to make others happy
Live in the tent of... con-"tent" -ment
"Money is the applause we get for serving our customers well"
Find joy in giving

Be prepared for the unpredictable
Hope- its the only thing in life you can't do without
Passion makes it possible for people to achieve great things
Trust must be earned
The team with the best player wins
Be careful who you talk politics with
Married with Barb in their mid 20's
Understand that friends change
College is important
Influence is an unseen flow of power
Remember the old times
Received a college degree after 50 years

When is enough enough?
No regrets!
He became what he wanted to be
"I love this business and I love making a difference"
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