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AIM How do we Analyze Analogies and Comparisons?

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miranda dorian

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of AIM How do we Analyze Analogies and Comparisons?

We will be analyzing how ideas, individuals, and events are connected
Authors do this by Comparisons: showing similarities and differences between things
and by Analogies: a way of explaining something by pointing out a feature it has in common with something else.
We will also identify similarities or distinctions between ideas, individuals and events.
Page 27:
What is being compared?
Why not use another object to compare the orange to?
Page 28:
Read the passage, Don't forget to annotate!
What is the author's purpose?
What is the topic being discussed?
Who, what, when, where...
What is being compared?
Dinner/food & history.
What is the connection/The analogy?
(Ingredients in the foods served in P.R. have history...)
Now, what is the relationship between Europeans, and Africa, and Puerto Rican food?
Page 29:
Volunteer to read passage?
Don't forget to underline the effects that P.R. becoming a U.S. territory had on its food.
Multiple choice Q:
(examining the relationship): Blood cells carry nutrients to the body
a truck delivers groceries.
: You are as annoying as nails on a chalkboard. She is as quiet as a mouse. Hot is to Florida as Cold is to the Arctic.
AIM How do we Analyze Analogies and Comparisons?
Page 30:
Take 15 minutes to SILENTLY & INDEPENDENTLY read the passage
Then, answer the Q's
Don't forget the hints
Finished: go to pg. 33 & 34
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