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Passing messages in World War 1

No description

Jari Bogaert

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Passing messages in World War 1

Passing messages in World War One
Electric Telegraphy
Electric signals conveyed via radio/ telecommunication lines
First used by Frederick the Great as messengers
How did the allies communicate with each other?
Found anywhere on the Western Front
Cher ami
Wireless Telegraphy
Wireless telegraphy
Electric Telegraphy
International Telegraph network
The transmission of electric telegraph without wires
Morse code could be transmitted into radio waves
2 wires and 2 stations connected
Oceanic telegraph cables
Submarine communications cable
The All Red Line
British submarine cable systems dominated the world system
News reportage from the rest of the world
A commercial telegraph cable
Led to propaganda
Carried in airplanes
Could not be shot easily
Magnificent speed
Disadvantage: often befriended with soldiers
As reliable as soldiers in sending messages
Used as mascots for propaganda in WW1
Used in the American Civil War
Strategic targets in times of war
Extraordinary homing instinct
International communication
What was the importance of Morse code?
Method of transmitting
A series of on-off tones, lights, clicks
In 1910 Morse code from an airplane
Very important for military messages
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The end
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