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Business-Oriented Social Network System

No description

Aya Nader

on 25 December 2015

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Transcript of Business-Oriented Social Network System

Communication within companies now and then.
Social Networks for business users.
Its importance
System Schema
Team Members
Business-Oriented Social Network System
System ERD
System Objectives
This project aims to create a business-oriented social network system where professionals can network, communicate, and collaborate with others.
Requirements are divided into :
System Analysis
Razan Hany Bayoumi
Doaa Tarek Khaled
Shorouk Ashraf Mohamed
Aya Nader Elgendy
Team Admin : Islam Hany Heggy
T.A : Basma Elbanna
Instructor : Dr.Rania Elgohary

Problem Definition
They can also market their business and find potential clients.
User can share their knowledge and exchange ideas.
Related Work Cont.
Many websites have been made to achieve the Business-Oriented Social Network goal such as :

But of course they're all subjected to problems and disadvantages.
System Plan
1) User Requirements
2) System Requirements (divided into

E-mail backup.
Sending notifications.
Sending connection Requests.
Sending group Updates.
System Requirements
Create Account
Edit Profile
Interactions with other accounts
Create Group
Sending messages
Finding jobs
View information
Saving Option
User Requirements
System shall allow the user to edit his profile picture.
The system shall allow the user to enter his basic information.
System shall allow the user to add, accept, reject, and follow other users.
User can communicate using private or group chat.
The system gives the user Employments options: offer a job, search and apply to one.
Functional Requirements
Use Case Diagram
Our system improves communication between users through voice and video calls.
The system shall send an email to the backup email that the user enters with his information, if someone logs in his account from a new device.
The system should notify the user if other users sent them a request or approved their request.
The system shall notify if any group or company that the user is involved makes any updates.
When a user applies to a job the system shall link his account to whoever offered this job.
Non-Functional Requirements
Business communication is essential, and making it easier for business owners and opportunity seakers can help speed the business process and satisfy their demands.

What will the next business breakthrough be?
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