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Ties to SUNY core values and big ideas

Joseph Gerard

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of ENT580

SUNYIT Entrepreneurship & SUNY Mission SUNYIT ENT Innovation & Creativity Flexibility & Personalization Personal & Professional Networking Written & Oral Communication Student-centeredness
Community Engagement
Collaboration Core Values The Entrepreneurial Century SUNY StartUP Setting the Stage for Investment SUNY-INC Research & innovation
Entrepreneurial skills
Start-up engagement
Collaboration Local entrepreneur mentors
Real-world knowledge
Student & research community partnerships
Entrepreneurship courses
Mindset, idea & job generation State-scale investment
Venture capital
Leverage size
Basic & applied research
Credibility Coordination
Translation to product & solution
Research alignment
Incubator networking
Economic development center collaboration
New companies, new jobs, new growth Cited: SUNY Strategic Plan Draft
SUNYIT Entrepreneur Concentration Mission ENT580 Regional Entrepreneurial Environments Ch.1 Assess your skills
Ch.2 Change your mindset
Ch.3 Teach trust
Ch.4 Develop your relationships
Ch.5 Go with your goals
Ch.6 Know the netiquette
Ch.7 Top 20 turnoff avoidance
Ch.8 Who are you?
Ch.9 What do you do?
Ch.10 What are we going to talk about?
Ch.11 Make conversation flow
Ch.12 End with the future in mind
Ch.13 Follow through
Ch.14 Network at work
Ch.15 Network w/ clients
Ch.16 (Net)work from home
Ch.17 Making your memberships work
Ch.18 Referral groups
Ch.19 Jump-start a job hunt Ch.1 Social networks
Ch.2 Law of reciprocity
Ch.3 Farming for referrals
Ch.4 Fishing for referrals
Ch.5 Three essential questions
Ch.6 The butterfly effect
Ch.7 Four streams of network river
Ch.8 Where networks gather
Ch.9 Online networking
Ch.10 Joining the crowd
Ch.11 The 12x12x12 rule
Ch.12 Standout questions
Ch.13 Telling your company's story
Ch.14 How deep is your network
Ch.15 Gaining their confidence
Ch.16 Leveraging new contacts
Ch.17 The power of your database
Ch.18 The referral process
MKT578 Entrepreneurial Marketing ENT685 Advanced Ent Planning ENT575 Innovation & Ent
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