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Unit 40

No description

Natalie Ford

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Unit 40

I used this font because....
I included this in my layout to show...
my image has contained.... as a way of....
Your annotation is to justify
work decisions and how you used
research to form designs.
For my final I used my
research of layout composition
as a way of setting out my packaging
design, this will help to display my message
easier, making it simple for people to
interpret, having a plain and styled look
is a way of giving a message so that people know if it is an organic or an expensive product , I also
looked into font types and choose one that gives
the image another level of communication
to the audience, I used a hand written font as it is best at communicating the organic focus of the
package by making it look like it is
homemade and individually created,
and making the buyer feel like they have got
value for money.
For example...
Unit 40 Typographic and Layout Design
what you should be able to achieve in your work?
Learning Outcomes
Having a good understanding of page layouts and elements within
a page layout
body copy
The evidence that needs to be produced to achieve pass merit and distinction levels are...
Course Overview
P1 M1 and D1
Pass 1 is to assess layout design,
this means that you will need to
evaluate the layout and explain what
the different qualities the layout shows.

For merit level you will need to expand to
type and layout designs, as well as explaining how
type and layout designs differs from others by comparing the designs.

Again for distinction you need to go into more depth
by showing how you research has helped form your
own design ideas
P2 M2 and D2
P3 M3 and D3
P4 and M4
For P2 it is assessing typographic design, so like P1 you
need to be able to show you know the differences between typefaces in your annotation.
The difference in
the fonts are the extra
flicked feet that are added
to the end of each letter.
M2 is describing terminology for lettering and layout design, such as Kerning, body copy and net, in a clear and correct way with the proper definitions to them.
For distinction level 2 you should be able to use layout
and type correctly in your finals as a way of
expressing your ideas.
Kerning is how we control the spacing between
characters to keep them readable and proportioned.
This can be linked with annotation by going on to explaining how the kerning is used in a design.
Pass 3 is identifying terms used in layout design. To achieve this you need to be able to list terms such as, sells, headline, pull quote etc.
M3 is using you research in developing your own ideas and designs. but you also need to justify this information in annotation work explaining your design process.
D3 is a more in depth explanation as to how research has influenced your design processes, and including how you understand typography and layout design. This needs to be expressed in annotation and your project evaluation, you need to show that you understand it and can use it practically in designs.
knowing the terms used in typographic and layout design
A broad overview of what UNIT 40 is.
Pass 1-
Test Examples of layout designs

Pass 2-
Test examples of type based design

Pass 3-
Understand the correct words used in layout design

Pass 4-
Understand words and meanings used in type based designs

Pass 5-
Create type based designs and layout designs for an outcome

Pass 6-
look at and understand your own design finals
Aims & Purpose
To develop the skills knowledge and understanding needed to design effective and creative page layout solutions using typography

Page layout conventions and desktop publishing computer
Pass Criteria
Merit Criteria

Show the difference between typography and Layout designs and write about them

Write about type based and layout based programmes using the correct words

produce relevant page layouts and typographic designs for creative and effective finals.

Present your own design finals clearly in terms of effectiveness

Within packaging layout you use same anatomy of layout
elements but in different ways to editorial layouts.
packaging: the columns used on a packaging design is usually
on the back and contains ingredients and a little description on the product.
editorial: is the main body of the article
Typographic and layout design surrounds us in our everyday lives
This packaging works well as it
expresses the organic theme though
the use of colours and pattern
This image has used colour and texture
as a way of expressing the product
and theme clearly, as so that it can be
understood quickly by people passing
by. the simple backing texture has
been made to give slight detail and
information without distracting the viewer
from the name and logo.
After my researching I am
able to test how my ideas will
look with different fonts and net
designs. for this design i selected it
as it would line my image to the rule
of thirds and will make my design look
slightly more professional.
Much like P3, P4 is identifying terminology
in typographic design. you need to list terms
in your annotation for correct characteristics
associated with fonts.
All fonts express
a different message
M4 is based on your project evaluation and
explaining how you overcame tasks
and problems, and how this has effected
you final designs.
Pass 5 is worked into your design
development, it is to create basic
layout and type designs that
are working up to your final.
You need to create a range to
show how you have experimented
with a range and then narrowing
to a design that will fit the brief.

This is a conclusion to your project and a basic review of your final designs, this is completed in the project evaluation to sum up your main message.

The brief says that the design
should....... and to complete this I..........
I found that .......... wasn't working/fitted
in my design so i had to........
In this unit learners will be able to use the correct terminology eg.

drop caps
cap height

being able to use computers and other medias
such as photoshop, illustrator, indesign
painting,drawwing, print, inks ect...
Learner Outcomes

evaluate your typographic and layout outcomes
istinction Criteria
1 understand typographic and layout conventions
annotate you used your chosen typographic layouts
2 know terminology used within typographic and layout design

explain type of layout you have used
3 be able to use computer and other media to develop typographic and layout design

and you did your layout outcomes
4 be able to evaluate own typographic and layout outcomes

Other media you could use
Use typography and Layout design examples that you have identified and evaluated on your own that explain your ideas and opinions

Give examples, use the correct terminology and show a way layouts should be done in an exciting and new way for set briefs

Evaluate imagery found in detail using references throughout, experiment with techniques to produce graphic images

Present your own designs fluently to show how effective each image is and to show an understanding of the subject
By developing understanding skills in
this area learners will be able to use typographic and layout designs principles to produce informed and creative design solutions
typographic, layout and conventions is an accepted practice in the creative industry
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