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My Plans After High School

No description

Gwyneth Lin

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of My Plans After High School

What Will I Do After High School?
My high school future is ahead of me. My plans are going to be big as the future is depending on me in 2020. I want to become more successful in school and make it a huge dream for me to help not only myself but my family also. High school graduation will give me more respect and love as I prepare for the real world.
My Plans After High School
"The Road Ahead"
by Gwyneth Lin

Continuing Art
I have a love for art. Once I graduate
high school I plan to continue my artwork
and improving it. My art goals are to
create a New York scenery before I leave
high school, and to meet Dan Povenmire,
one of my favorite animators.
College Dreams
Colleges I want to go to are either Harvard, Yale, or Savannah College
of Art and Designs. My college goal
is to atleast get a college OUTSIDE of Florida.
World Traveler
I want to visit the world such as Paris, Greece.
Italy, Turkey, Ireland, even Japan! I want to
visit all those places because they are amazing
tourist attractions. I want to see almost all of
United States, including Alaska and
When I go to college, I plan to be a valedictorian and
study medicine or science to become a doctor or scientist.
My college dream job is still being planned, because
I can't make the choices I want, they're so many options
I want to choose!
My future is still being planned, but I know I will
succeed and take on the path of being a successful
woman. The dreams and goals will never change, as I will
find more knowledge in the future for me to step one
mile further each time.
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