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To Kill A Mockingbird vs. Gay Rights

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Kathleen Blough

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird vs. Gay Rights

Background To Kill A Mockingbird is the story about Scout Finch
who lives in Maycomb, Alabama with her older brother
Jem and her father Atticus during the Great Depression.
Scout, Jem, and their new found friend Dill act out stories
and try to learn the story of their mysterious neighbor Boo
Radley who hasn't come out of his house in years. While
this is going on, Atticus is defending Tom Robinson in a trial.
Tom is a black man who is being accused of raping a white
woman, but even with the amount of evidence that proves he is
innocent he is still charged with the crime from his all white jury. This is a story about social
inequailty and morals. How is this similar to gay rights? Gay Rights Boo is known around the town
as a crazy person and Tom is
accused of a crime he was the
victim of because of his skin color Gay rights have always been an issue in society
even causing controversy back in the 1920s. As the years go on there has been more
and more progress involving the government
and gay right including many states reaching
the point where they legalize gay marriage. However there are still people who are
prejudice against them and so not believe
gay people deserve the same rights that, as
they would say, "normal" people do. Anti-gay groups There are many groups that have been formed
of those who are against gay rights. Some of the most influential:
American Family Association
Christian Action Network
Traditional Values Coalition When looking at the text you can compare
the members of these groups to the jury
and town members in the Tom Robinson
trial. Each one of them in both cases already
have their own opinion and no matter what
information is thrown at them they will not
change their minds. This also goes along with the main
theme of the novel-social inequality
which is further shown by these quotes Quotes "You never really know a man
until you stand in his shoes and
walk around in them." Those who are prejudice against
gay people don't understand how
it feels to be treated as if they are
garbage. "Equal rights to all, special privileges
for none" A person should not be treated
differently because of their sexual
preference; everyone should be treated
equally no matter what. "Courage is knowing you're licked
before you begin doing it anyway." Those who participate in gay pride
parades, etc. do so knowing the
consequences because they know
it's the right thing to do
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