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Who am I? (Careers)

No description

amanda stoltze

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Who am I? (Careers)

Who am I? What type of person
am I? Interpersonal
Kinesthetic/tactile My personality type is "ENFJ"
67% Extravert
12% Intuitive
25% Feeling
33% Judging How do I learn? I learn by body movement
I find it easier to learn in groups
I can memorize things in a song and
use music while studying or during a test I am good with visualizing
Speaking out loud
I can remember by writing things down
Hands on About me I am musically inclined
Enjoy ringette, soccer,
and dirt bike riding I aspire to be a pediatrician,
psychologist or radiologist Job Suggestions
and classifications This is the list of jobs
that career matchmaker
gave me. Many of which
I would aspire to be. The end So how would I be able
to do my job? Since social was one of my personality traits,
this will allow me to communicate with my
patients to try and figure out the problem with
their diet or health. I can talk and really get to
know my clients so I can understand them better Some skills that would be needed
to be a pediatrician, is being very
visual, cooperative and patient. Since I will be working with children
and babies, they will not always
cooperate with you. You must be patient
and understanding. I am a very visual person and will
be looking at children all day. I must
look at problems in different ways all
of the time. I will use diagrams and help
the children visualize what i am seeing. Being cooperative with children
will be a huge talent. This is hard to
do when the children won't listen
and will cry, but is a very valuable
tool. I am an interpersonal person,
which means that I am a people
person. This will help me deal
with difficult people and help
me get to know that really well. I am also a very realistic person.
I can work well in groups, so with
and child and the parent. As well
I can care for children and I am kind.
So I can take care and be nice and
understanding with the child. So, what will
I be? Pediatrician The End
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