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SW833 Week 6:

No description

Tiziana Dearing

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of SW833 Week 6:

Values and Mission
Closely related, but different
I think the values part is often harder to do
This week's questions
Have you ever participated in a strategic planning process?

A) Yes
B) No
Strategic v. Operational
Boston Rising
Defining the universe
Setting initial priorities
Changing the minds of the founding board
Community Resources for Justice
Ongoing operational planning
3-year horizon
yearly planning
Needed to communicate at the strategic level
Rolled the plan into a strategy map
Pages of detail underneath each level
SW833 Week 6:
Setting the Stage for Organizational Change
Which of these is most confusing to you?

A) Vision v. Mission v. Values
B) Goals v. Objectives
C) Measures v. Targets
D) Lead v. Lag
E) Other
Let's see the BR Plan...
communicates the distinctive identity or purpose, which the organization seeks within the social service sector. It clearly, concisely and simply states what value the organization provides. Ideally, the mission should be one sentence, free of jargon, understandable, inspirational and memorable. The details of quantity, quality, cost and time should be be included expect to the extent that they are the basis of the organization's distinctive identity."
Key Success Factors
What HAS to be in place?...
Not everyone includes KSF, especially at this level...
We'll look at examples in our cases...
Action Priorities
This is stuff we gotta do...
You'll brainstorm a bunch and then pick these.
Themes in the CRJ strategy map
Here's where you "cascade" to through organization.
Performance Indicators and Targets
Let's keep this one simple...
: What will you measure?
: How much of it do you want to happen?
Indicator: # of pounds lost
Target: 10 pounds
Indicator: $ raised
Target: $50,000
Indicator: # of people served
Target: 200
Let's walk through some definitions
Strategic v. operational planning
Key success factors
Action priorities
action plans
Performance indicators and targets
Sorry, it's mostly lecture today...
Two Cases
Community Resources for Justice
Boston Rising
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