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Pitch Prep

UC Merced SBDC Regional Network

Mysty Rusk

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of Pitch Prep

3 Solution
What's your product
How does it solve the problem
What's your UVP
5 Business Model
How will you make money
What Investors Want
Other stuff
5 Areas Investors Consider
1 Market opportunity
2 Investment opportunity
3 Tech
4 Biz model
5 Team
Mysty Rusk
Innovation & Tech Commercialization Program for UCM SBDC Regional Network


Pitch Prep
What provides return?
- Cool product
- R&D
- Strategy
Sales & Marketing
- Business Plan
- Financial Insturments
- Management Team

Investor Analysis
Build a biz
or get a job
What do you want
out of your life?
Who can get angel
or venture funding

- Intellectual property
- Global (big) market
- Traditional funding not an option
The Pitch Deck
1 Elevator Pitch
2 Problem
3 Solution
4 Market Size
5 Business Model
6 Tech
7 Competition
8 Marketing
9 Team
10 Money Slide
- Keep it short
- Make it easy to understand
- 50% Substance 50% Entertainment
- Focus on the market opportunity
- Stay within the time allowed
- Leave time for questions
- Use the money to fund sales
1 Elevator Pitch
Elementary overview
X by Y
2 Problem
Describe it
Prove it's a problem (evidence)
Conversion Funnel
The How and Why of Angel Investing by Mysty Rusk
4 Market Size
6 Tech
7 Competition
Bonus Tip: Who is your fastest growing competitor?
List competitors
Understand potential partners, acquisition and exit opportunities
8 Marketing
9 Team
Include management team and advisors
Add relevant experience
Share how much time, energy and investment you have
Note who's missing and how you will fill the gap
10 Money Slide
Summary - How all of this ties together
How big
Describe target customer
Be specific
How will you generate a funnel and convert leads to customers
How will you take and keep market share
How much do you need
How will you use the $$
What will investors get in return
When will they get it

The entire purpose of a pitch is to get an investor or group of investors to take a closer look
Money doesn't happen at the pitch
Next meetings do
Don't be afraid to follow up with someone afterward
Solution Slide

Money Slide
Seeking $500K
for 15% equity
Team Slide
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