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Minnesota Vikings

No description

C Gag

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Minnesota Vikings

-Journey through the years Minnesota Vikings Their first game was on September 17, 1961, winning 37-13 with the Chicago Bears. Ups and downs

----------------- After That... There was no pro football team in Minnesota before 1961, and Max Winter wanted to change that. He worked and worked and finally got a football team, the Minnesota Vikings. Starting a Team To the Superbowl The viking's worst season was 1962, when they won two games and lost eleven. The best season record was achieved in 1998, when the Vikings won 15 games and lost 1, still not going to the superbowl. "You can't ask for a better start than that." commented the Vikings head coach Norm Van Brocklin. Current Events with the Vikings

------------------------------------ The Vikings played in their first Super Bowl on January 11, 1970. They became the first modern team to appear in the Super Bowl, but lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 23-17. Lately, in May 2012, a bill was passed to build a new stadium for the team. Don't mind this This either Vikings fans still cheer for the Vikings year after year, hoping for the long awaited success. Which by the way, will happen this year (yeah right). In 1969, the team won the NFL Championship. In 1969, the team won the NFL Championship.

Vikings first superbowl The NFL merged with the AFL and the Vikings haven't won a championship since.
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