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Dayne Crouch

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Cameroon

The history of Cameroon
The Portuguese were the ones who found Cameroon.
In the 1600's the dutch took over the slave business of Cameroon.
In 1958 the French gave Cameroon Independence
In 1960 the French named the first president of Cameroon to be Ahidjo
The size of Cameroon
The population of Cameroon in 2012 was 20,129,878
The location of Cameroon
Cameroon is located in Central Africa

It is by the Atlantic Ocean
Cameroon is just it little bit above the equator
Culture of Cameroon
The most popular music in Cameroon is called Makossa
Most people in Cameroon grow and make their own food.
Natural Resources and Landscape
It has forests in the North
In the south Cameroon has swamps
Cameroon has many rivers and swamps
The natural resources are iron, hydropower, and timber
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