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Acid Rain

No description

Winston Chae

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Acid Rain

Acid Rain By Winston Chae What is acid rain? Acid rain is generally rain that contain excessive amounts of certain components. In acid rain, immoderate amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids could be found. (COFFEY, 2010) What does acid rain do to the ecosystem? The two acids, nitric and sulfuric traverse through many countries and group with rain and becomes what we know as acid rain. Natural acid rain has a pH of 5.0 and now, the humans have made it much lower. (Walke, 2011) (Jaqiue , 2002) Acid rain harms most species at any habitat, however, it is critically harmful to the aquatic species. (Ex. Fishes, frogs, tadpoles, and etc.) (Amanda, 2011) (Christopher, 2010) What causes acid rain? Although acid rain could occur naturally, the human activities, like the use of cars, factories and power plants have made it way worse. Those acts released the sulfur and nitric acids into the atmosphere.
(Dowdey, 2012) (Coffey, 2010) How is it formed? (Whitman, 2011) What can be done to reduce acid rain There are two fundamental things that can be done. Reduce the amount of use of automobiles and save energy. A single automobile does not produce a lot of pollution but, having many of those automobiles can cause a major problem. Also, we can reduce the amount of energy that we use by turning off electronics when not in use. This way, less fossil is required and less fossil means less pollution (Walke, 2011) (Spiegel, 2013) Acid rain is a great conflict towards the trees because it weakens the trees by making the tree's important nutrients disappear.
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Even when acid rain is weak, it is still harmful to the ecosystem. (Dowdey, 2007) Thank you for listening to my project! Thank You For Listening! It has been estimated that 50,000 people had died because of acid rain just inside the United States and Canada (Ornes, 2009) There are two different ways of acid deposition. Either wet deposition or dry deposition. Wet deposition is basically acid rain that comes down as a snow, rain, fog or sleet form while dry deposition is when it comes down as gas or dust particles. (Walke, 2007) (Stadermann, 2004) (Takroori, 2008) Acid deposition
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