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We Can't Stress This Enough: the Write way to Relieve Pressu

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Sofia Caballero

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of We Can't Stress This Enough: the Write way to Relieve Pressu

We Can't Stress This Enough: the Write way to Relieve Pressure
It's the write thing to do
In tutoring papers, and in our own academic experiences, we found that students undergo a lot of stress, and that we were in the position to do a lot to change that.
What stresses you out?
Take a moment to write down a quick list of sources of stress.
How many of them are school related?
Who do you think can do something to relieve some of this stress?
How can these problems be resolved?
Help as an extension of writing center duties
We're interested in reaching out to the school and being as helpful as possible, so we're taking a two pronged approach- after-school sessions and schoolwide lessons
Structuring afterschool meetings
In these sessions, students can get paired up with tutors and discuss some of the pressing topics attendees want to address. We might cover:
time management
group projects
anti-stress tips sharing
In-school lessons
You need to contact the right people to organize your lessons and find a good time to present the lesson to your school. Next, prepare material- distributable worksheets and videos to play across the school.
So, how do we deal with stress?
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