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Little Brier Rose

No description

Ethan Katz

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Little Brier Rose

Little Briar-Rose
By: Ethan Katz, Isabella Canava, Kendra Heredia
Frog tells the Queen of the long awaited baby
Invited 13 fairies to dinner but only had 12 dishes
1 Fairy curse; Prick her finger and die
12 Fairies gave gifts; 12 fairy softened curse to only a 100 year slumber
Pricks finger wandering the castle
Entire kingdom falls into a 100 year sleep as well
Thicket of thorns blossoms into flowers
Prince kisses Briar- Rose and awakens her and the kingdom
Happily Ever After
Little Briar-Rose
Italian culture, birth of a beauty, Talia
Prophecy: stab a splinter in her nail and die
Sees the old woman and pricks her finger
Wandering King finds her and "gives her all his love"
Births Sun and Moon
King finds Talia and the children
The king returned to his kingdom
Evil Queen ordered the cook to kill the children and feed them to the King
Cook had mercy on the children and fed the stepson something else instead.
An angered Queen called for Talia to kill her
Talia undressed and King arrived and was angered
King ruled over his kingdom with his children and wife

Sun, Moon and Talia

Sun, Moon and Talia
An Italian Tale
The Story of Troilus and the Beautiful Zellandine
Beautiful girl named Zellandine was born
Three goddesses: Themis, Lucina and Venus
Themis became envious of the other goddesses' finer silver
Cursed Zellandine
Venus saves Zellandine’s life
Zephyr transports Troilus (Zellandine’s lover) to the tower
Arrives to Zellandine’s chamber\
Attempts to awaken her but in his failed attempt engages in a discourse begging for forgiveness prior to him “taking his libereties” as she slept
Zellandine births a beautiful boy 9 months later
As the child attempts to nurse he sucks the flax out awakening his mother
History and Cultural Origin
First tale to contain the vital elements of the Sleeping Beauty tale
Is a romantic prose
Dates back to 1528
The manuscript of Perceforest was first found in an abandoned tower on the banks of the eastern English coast
From Greek to Latin to French
Printed in the French tongue in 1528
Inspired darker version of the tale containing the grisly adult themes of adultery, violence, betrayal and ravishment
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
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A king and queen's long wish was granted.
The princess cursed by a fairy.
When the princess was sixteen she pricked her finger and fell into a 100 year slumber.
The kingdom was passed down to another family
Many years later a prince came upon the old castle and was present as the princess awoke.
The prince and princess proceeded to wed and lived together in peace and love

Little Briar-Rose

By: Ethan Katz, Isabella Canava, and Kendra Heredia
Mrs. Carvajal's IBP English 1 Class Period 4
Picture of the Authors:

Written by French Charles Perrault (1628- 1703)
Perrault is credited for turning folk tales into stories implementing morals appealing to children
February of 1696 La Belle Au Bois Dormant was published in a journal
January of 1697: La Belle Au Bois Dormant was published within a book
Perrault tales were translated into English by Robert Samber in 1729
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
History and Cultural Origin
Historical and Cultural Origin

Giambattista Basile was born in 1575 in Naples and died in Giugliano, Campania.
The tale is a part of a collection of European fairy tales called
Lo Cunto de li Cunti
or later known as
His tale, Sun, Moon and Talia is known to be extremely controversial, if not the most controversial variation of Little Briar-Rose due to the taboo topics mentioned in the story by Basile.
Recurring Elements, Themes, Archetypes and More
Wise or magical entities foresee Princess' future
The princess is condemned to a death/ deep slumber by the pricking of flax
Measures are taken in order to avoid the princess’ foretold fortune
However, they are not sufficient to prevent her fate
The Princess falls asleep
Is visited by a prince/ knight/ king
The princess awakens
Theme of hibernation or of a long slumber
Magical or intellectual medium foretelling princess’ fortune
Who is affected by the curse
Within The sun, the moon and Talia, the wise men foresee her fate; do not condemns her to it
Sun the Moon, and Talia, and Perceforst: princess is raped by the king, awakened by her child/ children
Little Briar Rose the Prince awakens with a kiss
Within The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood the Prince is merely present as the curse alleviates
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