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Dessie Jackson

No description

destiny jackson

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Dessie Jackson

Coral Eugene Watts
Dean Corll
Dean murdered at least 28 boys in 1970-1973, would kill them by shooting them or by strangulation.
Richard Ramirez
Dean Corll
Thank you!
Coral Eugene Watts
Coral killed about 80-100 people during 1974-1982 all of them were white the polices thought that killers only kill people of there races. Only killing women because he said"I saw evil in there eyes", Coral would drown them in a bathtub so that their spirits wouldn't escape.
John Wayne Gacy Jr
levels of evil 10 killers of people
Dessie Jackson
John Wayne Gacy Jr
Ringall was viciously rape, tortured and drugged by a stanger. John raped 30 more young man,
Why the people did this what they did!
The reason why they did this is because they found amusement to them, also some of them were raped when they were younger by people they knew or they family knew .
Night stalker torturing more than 25 victims, and killing at least 13 people, it turned in to a violence in 1984.
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