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Our Strengths and Weaknesses in English Class

No description

alicia martin

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Our Strengths and Weaknesses in English Class

Bethany Oldfield & Alicia Martin Our Strengths and Weaknesses in English Class Bethany~ I don't particularly like reading unless it is fiction
however reading is one of my weaknesses in English. Reading Alicia~ I don't love reading however, I do enjoy reading
particular novels. My weakness is in the pace I read, in general I read slowly. A strength I have in reading though is when I find a good book I can not put it down until I am finished Alicia~ I enjoy to write fiction and non-fiction however I
tend to bore myself and quit halfway through and restart. I like short pieces of writing or else I get to wordy. Writing Bethany~ I like writing short stories or short passages of writing rather than long essays because I don't tend to spell very well. Bethany~ I have a strength in the creating and designing of posters and other forms of presentations, but I do not enjoy presenting. Presentations Alicia~ I am also strong in creative aspects of presentations. I am very nervous to present in front of people. Media Alicia~ I am strong in the creative part of media and enjoy it. But, I do not enjoy analysis. Bethany~ I somewhat enjoy the creation of media but I like to analyze it. Alicia~ I am very strong in individual work because
I am a very independent person. However, I lack in group skills . Group and Individual Working Skills. Bethany~ I am a very strong independent worker because I have my own way of doing things and I like to do things with a high degree of knowledge.Although, I enjoy working in groups if everybody does their fair share of work.
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