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Star Fit Kids

Board Presentation Prezi

Samuel Clark

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Star Fit Kids

Send a request letter Fund Development Focus on a clearly defined purpose
Work unit of the board
Handle issues too complex for the entire board
3-7 board members
Report directly to the board Committees and the Board What? Ad Hoc Standing Exist to accomplish a goal, and then dissolve Exists year round to advise the board on a regularly occuring issue Governance
Champions Ride Reporting Before starting Dangers + _ clear purpose well informed chair defined beginning and ending of task outline responsibility of CEO and other ex oficios reporting obligations COMMITTEES IN BRIEF Minutes should be taken at all committee meetings At each board meeting per discretion of committee chair Wag the dog Member burnout Ineffective meetings Committees last too long Too many committees Report to the board; recommend policy No more than two committees per member Continually assess purpose and effectiveness of a committee Strong committeee chairs should set purposeful agenda Each board is different; only form a committee if it makes sense budget terms member selection A Strong Chair Sets Agenda
Outlines Purpose
Engages Entire Commitee
Reports to the Board
Determines Goals
Measures Outcomes
Evaluates Necessity can be redundant or without purpose
potential burnout or disengagement
board can be splintered
bad reporting can lead to no accountability How are Star Fit Kids committees supposed to report? clear title ? Other Thoughts integrate staff & volunteers onto committees name defines the purpose integrating new board members standing committees in by-laws efficient use of board resources
improve collective engagement
increase board's understanding of activities
more effective board meetings
potential board and staff integration Recommend policy and procedure Talk about the future, not the past test ground for potential board members consistancy! Staff Fundraising
Committee Board Members Keep board engaged
in fund development Policy and procedure recommendations Identify funding priorities and prospects Coordinate and recruit for fundraising efforts Manage timing of fundraising efforts Expectations 1. The Board is involved in fundraising
2. Boardmembers contribute financially to the organization Why? Demonstrates committment
Provides leadership and long-term vision
Ensures ethical oversight of funding
Provides accountability over use of funds Network and promote Star Fit Kids Make a wish list
Requirements Expectation to give: 28% of all boards
Average minimum: $150
* Tie "give or get" expectation to a goal
-explain and justify the amount
Recruiting Tips Explain how contribution changes the world
Time and in-kind are NOT money
Clear expectations
No pressure
No side deals, no exceptions
Action Items Treasure Mapping Write a check Create a

challenge fund Host a party Seek Introduce people to

Star Fit Kids Treasure Mapping! Sam Cycling Friends Whitman Friends Mom's Friends Kids on Bikes Board El Pomar Foundation Fellowship Alumni Book Club Peggy Skattebo
Lisa Elder
Joanie Thompson
Outreach of Hope Friends
Kim Jones Julian Flores
Kristen McGee
Noah Atencio
Beale Tejada
Amy Humble Christian Cordova
Willie Small
Vanessa Lee
Diego La Serna Brent Urban
Danny Cowell
Lacey Carrol
Sara Linn KEEF, Ackerman, Trustee Merit Grants
Gary Butterworth
Matching Funds! Jess
Syd Mara Abbott
Jane Rynbrandt
Sam Bell
Sam Johnson Steve
Christina Participate in
fundraising activities Cathy
Sports Corp.
Mr. Tutt
PPIA Fellows Star Board Members 1. Understand the Star Fit Kids' purpose and function 2. Give sacrificially 3. Be faithful about attending and contributing to committee and board meetings 4. Volunteer for
assignments 5. Support the staff! 6. Come prepared to meetings 7. Understand key relationship
and awareness of competitors 8. Serve as a roaring advocate
for Star Fit Kids 9. Provide your best effort! 10. Bring to bear your influence and networks for Star Fit Kids' mission 11. Balance your time on boards where you can give your best engagement 12. Provide your skills and business acumen to the organization Executive Director Basic ( ( ( Acknowledge
generosity Help identify fundraising targets Build friends of
Star Fit Kids Contribute
financially / / New Board Members? as directed by board chairperson
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