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Discover your IE Way

IE Way is IE University´s very own social network that allows you to meet your classmates and learn about the information that interests you before term even starts

IE On the Web

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Discover your IE Way

Learn more about Join IE University´s very own social network If you want to know more about IE University,
then join IE Way:

Network You can also see who else has an IE Way account by the profiles that appear at the bottom of every page or simply click on “Explore IE Way” to see other user accounts. Since you're already here,
here's an intro to IE University! When you see something you like, click to add it to your IE Way All the things you save will be easily acessible on your profile.

You can come back to it whenever you want, or share it with friends or family! With IE Way you can get to know your
classmates before classes start! Make Friends! One More thing... Save what you like Explore! In other words... http://www.ie.edu/university Visit us at: Creating your IE Way account is quick, easy and the best way to save the info about IE University that YOU want, and then share it with your future classmates. Here´s How: With IE Way, you can save the content and information that interests you whilst you are browsing the IE University website. The information is then stored in your account until your next visit. IE Your Way Check your email inbox for the confirmation email, follow
the url, and you're ready to start using IE Way! You can even sign up using your or account! Sign Up! YOUR Way! Why Join? • Save all the information that you find interesting
• Get to know your future classmates
• Find your common interests
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