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The Legend of Mount Teide

No description

Sydney Kuan

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of The Legend of Mount Teide

The Legend of Mount Teide Long ago, there was a devil named Guayota. One day, he kidnapped Magec, the god of light and sun. He imprisoned him inside Mount Teide, leaving the world in total darkness. The Guanches were desperate, so they prayed to Achamen, their supreme god. Achamen fought Guayota, freed Magec from the volcano, and plugged the volcano's crater with Guayota. He has been trapped in there ever since. The Legend of Mount Teide By: Sydney Kuan
Per.6, Science The Legend of Piton del Teide According to the aboriginal Guanches in Spain, Mount Teide was built on a legend. Just like Greek gods and goddesses, Mount Teide was just like Mount Olympus. The Guanches were not Monotheistic, but believed in many deities. Background Knowledge Bibliography Ever since, it has been customary for the Guanches to light bonfires to scare Guayota away during an eruption. Epilogue http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/mount-teide


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