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The Journey from Carolina to California

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John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of The Journey from Carolina to California

Seby´s Journey from Carolina to California
By Seby SaLceanu
It was the year 2016 and I was going to be moving from North Carolina to San Diego California. I lived in the city of Charlotte on Willow Dr no where near the coast. I loved the green setting though the winters were a little to cold. My grandparents live in California and every summer we visit. When we visit California we also go to the beach and water parks and have an amazing time. Where I live we don't get to do that type of stuff. So my parents and I decided to move to California.
Why I Migrated
The hardships I had when I arrived were getting used to the climate and the time change. Some challenges I faced were going to a new school making new friends and leaving my old ones. They way I solved leaving my old friends were by face timing every Saturday.

My family was jewish so celibrated many different holidays and had many traditions. Some of my neighbors did not believe in Jesus so my family helped them learn. My dad also showed them jewish cooking recipies. The legacy I left was little but important.
My challenges and Legacy
We bought the house ahead a time in Vista and got there by plane are belongings got shipped to the U Haul and they took it to are house. To break apart are trip we stopped in Texas and then after 3 hours later we resumed the trip
During The Trip
When we got there
Are new house was on cabrillo cr once we got there my mom and dad showed me my new room. 1 day later we finished unpacking all of are belongings decided to visit are grandparents at the beac
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