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Copy of World history 4.07H

Organizations against human trafficking

Pierre Johnson

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of World history 4.07H

Coalition against Trafficking in Women
Other efforts
The CATW was founded in 1988 on the notion that any selling or commercializing of women is erroneous. They incline to fixate on a very feminist viewpoint due to their solicitousness mainly about women. They withal are a profoundly and astronomically immense player of endeavoring to outlaw all forms of commercial sex, denoting that they do not believe in prostitution, pornography, sex-tourism, and mail-order bribe selling.
Efforts to stop human trafficking
The CATW endeavors to utilize a tactic that involves not disrupting the public. They make meetings with many different politicians of sundry countries that they feel have ineffective anti-trafficking laws. It withal lobbies people and countries all over the world to help publicize their message. The other way they help publicize it is to post it on their web page and through sundry other human rights groups.
The CATW is very well known for its anti-prostitution campaigns. They feel that there is no difference between voluntary and involuntary prostitution. They also feel that it is degrading to women everywhere.
Human Rights Watch
The HRW is an astronomically immense organization that has offices in 14 major cities. They fixate on all human rights violations, including human trafficking. They have a major influence in the world because of receiving over 120 million dollars of donations. It has additionally been operating since 1978.
The Quantifications to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings was engendered to help stop human trafficking. It is acclimated to address the gaps in anti-trafficking laws. It is implemented in many countries including Albania and Croatia.
The HRW fixates on many different issues, including human trafficking, but they fixate on upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Other things that the HRW fixates on are: abolition of the death penalty, arms dealing, child labor, child soldiers, and more. Last year alone, the HRW spend over 50 million dollars on these expenses.
Basic functions
The HRW goes to six of the seven continents to find violation of human rights. They also fund various programs and lobbying activities that help minimize human trafficking.
Use their money to help fight against all human rights violations. So somewhere around a million dollars is spent on fighting human trafficking.
Efforts against human trafficking
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