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Text Features

Mrs.Trimble hours 5 and 6

Kierra Collier

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Text Features

Text Features Kierra Collier
Hours 5 and 6 Title Graph Table Picture A heading or caption that names a book, magazine, piece of music, etc. A table that explains and lists symbols used on a map or chart. Rows and columns of organized data An image that represents a person, object, or scene as a photograph, painting, etc. Map A representation, usually on a flat surface that shows features of a place on earth, respective forms, sizes, and relationships. A system of connection between two or more things using bars, line, dots, etc. Chart Key or Legend Illustration Heading Subheading Caption Sidebar Numbered List Bulleted List Table of Contents Glossary Index Footnotes Annotations A body of notes added to text. A demonstrative or comment at the bottom of a page that refers to a specific part of text on that page. A comparison or an example that explains or clarifies words in a book or magazine. A caption or title of a chapter, magazine, etc. A type of graph that shows special facts or conditions. A second heading added to the subject heading that divide subjects. An explanation of a picture or illustration. A small section on the side of a page that supports points made or highlights the main text or idea. A list of chapters or topics and the page they are found on. A list of terms with an explanation of their meaning or their definition. A symbol used to list tasks, instructions, etc. Numbers used to list tasks, instruction, directions, etc. Listings of a book’s contents that shows the pages where each topic, name, place, or term is discussed. Boldface Type Print that is thick and heavy lined that is used to highlight a heading. A typeface with slanted words that adds tone to printed words. Italicized Type Underlined Type A type face where letters, phrases, or words are underlined which sets the text away from the rest of the text.
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