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role of women in china

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katie robson

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of role of women in china

Ancient Chinese women were lesser to men for most
of their lives. First they obeyed there father, and after marriage they answered to their husband. A woman’s duty was to look after her husband, sons and the other men in her life.

women were also given the jobs of cooking, cleaning and supervising the kids.later on in china women were given the opportunity to work in normal jobs or in the government.

In Imperial China, women assumed a relatively minor position to men. Women did have some power but only with in their family, they would often assume a role of leadership. Sometimes, this role did not commonly extend beyond the home and familial affairs

role of women in china

In ancient china men would be the ones who decided what would happen to a woman. whether it be there dads-who decided who their daughter would marry, whether it be a peasant or high up rich man-their husbands- who they would order them to clean or supervise the kids - or their sons- which would be after the husband dies- .

It would be a man.
woman lived by rules set by men. they lived by being controlled by men and they could not give input on their lives.t hey weren’t treated with respect but like slaves.

how did
things change for women when Mao came to power
After Mao came to power, he gave women more rights. This meant that they could work normal jobs or even be a part of the government. Mao abolished foot binding, now women can walk without being in pain. Because of Mao's changes women and men could work side by side but women were still treated lesser, just not as bad as before.
why did he make these changes
Mao made these changes because he thought that men and women should be treated equally. He thought that you should protect the interests of youth, women and children.

Mao though that everyone should receive education and that women should be able to work in trade and professions.
role of women in china

1. what roles were available to women in society?
2. who decided what would happen to a women?
3. how did things change for women after Mao come to power?
4. why did he make these changes

what roles were
available to women
in society
who decide what would happen to a women
thank you
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