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IB Overview & MYP Classroom

Professional Development 8/28/2012

Amber McKinney

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of IB Overview & MYP Classroom

Classroom photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli IB @ Fall "2012"
Finalized Mission Statement
Revise/Modify Curriculum Guides
1 complete MYP by SGL
50% IB classroom environment
All teachers trained Teacher Trainings
School Visitations
Professional Development
Mission Statement
Areas of Interaction
Learner Profile
Course Syllabus
MYP Planners
Interdisciplinary Planning
Interdisciplinary Teams
SGL Collaboration What have we done? Where should we be? Discussed & voted on Mission Statement
Participated in at least 1 training
Participated in at least 1 PD
Developed a course syllabus
Developed a MYP Unit What is the future? Spring "2013"
2 MYP Units by SGL
Interdisciplinary Lesson 2 or more subjects
100% IB classroom environment IBMYP Overview For this Activity you will be moving!!!!!!!! Activity - Stage of Understanding I have "NO" understanding of IB. I just know the name. Dealership I am a "NOVICE" at IB. I still need help implementing the program in my class. Test Drive I have an essential understanding of IB and feel comfortable implementing components in my class. Cruising I have a clear and in depth understanding of IB and feel comfortable with full and complete implementation in my content and interdisciplinary. Freeway Move to the area that represents your understanding of IB.
Discuss in your group:
Why are you at this level of understanding?
What do you need to increase your understanding?
Chart your ideas
Please be prepared to share out IB Overview The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. IB Mission Statement Areas of Interaction
Unit Question
Criterion-based Assessment
Interdisciplinary Focus Curriculum Framework Critical Thinking
Communication Skills Instructional Practices International-Mindedness
The IB Learner Profile
Community and Service Connections Developing the Whole Child The MYP Classroom IB Mission Statement & District/School Mission Statement International Mindedness/
Cultural Awareness/
Globally Aware Essential Agreement/
School Code of Conduct IB Learner Profile Areas of Interaction MYP Unit Question Collaborative/
Student Centered/
Interactve Working collaboratively with your entire department

Think globally and be open-minded Activity Friday, September 28, 2012 - Essential/MYP unit question and 2 additional components selected by the department Expectations
Based on the requirements of an effective MYP classroom:
How will you integrate the Unit/Essential Question in your classroom?
Choose 2 additional components of a MYP classroom:
List and explain how you will intergrate each one into your classroom.
Fill out the information on your IB implementation Chart. Implementing IB in
my Classroom Ticket Out the Door
Remember you are breaking out into your SGLC teams Essential/MYP Unit Question is based
on 2 components:
Significant Concept
Areas of Interaction

Essential/MYP Unit Question should be:
- Open-ended - Relevant & Engaging
- Challenging - Significant Making and
Essential/MYP Unit Question Look at IB in SMW
Classrooms Subject Specific Learning Skills
Teachers stuents how to learn
Teaches students about their learning strenths
Used in conjunction with the other AOI(s) Approaches to Learning •How do I learn best?
•How do I know?
•How do I communicate my understanding? Considers student relationships with others
Students learn their place within communities
Students are motivated to act in a new context setting Community and Service •How do we live in relation to each other?
•How can I contribute to the community?
•How can I help others? Human issues that exists in human societies
social structures
Function as effective members of society
Make informed decisions Health and Social Education •How do I think and act?
•How am I changing?
•How can I look after myself and others? Considers human interaction within the world
Role in the environment
interrelationships of different environments
Can expand from the classroom to the world Environment •What are our environments?
•What resources do we have or need?
•What are my responsibilities? The influence of the human on the world
Problem Solving
Transformed ideas
Consequences of Human thought and actions Human Ingenuity •Why and how do we create?
•What are the consequences? The tie between the Content Standards and IB components.
Focuses on the
Big Ideas
lifelong learning Significant Concept Developing a Significant Concept Significant Concept Big Idea Essential Standard Interdisciplinary Unit Assessments Learning Activities Objectives AOI Significant Concept Content Standard Unity/Essential Question Develops History/Humanities Physical Education Science Language A
(ELA) Math Language B Art Friday, October 26, 2012 -
Significant Concept
1 ATL (Approach to Learning)
Choose an additional AOI (environment, Health & Social education, community service, & Human Ingenuity
Essential/MYP Unit Question Expectations In your department Group: JIGSAW
Divide up the five areas of interaction
Identify the big idea
Identify possible learning expectations that can be derived from that AOI
Share your understanding with your group

Be prepared to share out with the whole group AOI ACTIVITY The areas of interaction provide:
common organizing strategies
diversity of student needs
interests and motivations

The areas of interaction provide the context for teaching and learning. AOI Overview SC: The importance of world power
Health & Social Education: How do the actions of people in power affect others?

Human Ingenuity: What kind of power do you want and Why? SC: The affect of physical activity on the whole person & society

Community & Service: What happens to the whole when one part is changed or removed?

Health & Social Education: How can your life be altered by the choices you make? SC: The importance of plant for life on our planet

Environment: To what extent are humans dependent upon plants?

Human Ingenuity: How do pesticides and fertilizers affect an ecosystem? SC: Universal themes can be conveyed across different works

Environments: How do we use model to understand our world?

Human Ingenuity: How do humans create meaning of the world? SC: Order is important for solving real world problems

Community & Service: How does the searc for answers affect the order in the world?

Health & Social Education: How does order help to make decisions? SC: Patterns provide asthetics to the world around us.

Environments: How do patterns create change for man & his world?

Health & Social Education: How predicatable are patterns? SC: The importance of language for communication in society

Human Ingenuity: What makes a language a language?

Health & Social Education: How does common language impact societies? Implementing IB in
my Classroom Based on the requirements of an effective MYP classroom and your October Content Unit:
Identify the Standards-based Significant Concept
Select 2 AOI(s)
1 other AOI
Develop an MYP Unit Question
Explain how you will integrate each one into your classroom.
Fill out the information on your individual & department IB implementation Chart. October 30, 2012 -
MYP UNIT IB MYP Objectives are Subject Specific:
That should be taught
Link content to the IB Learner Profiles

MYP Objectives & Assessments (The Big Idea or Focus) (The window to the real world. Connects the students to the outside world.) (Guide for the Unit) Directly related to the Objectives
Measure the levels of achievement Assessments Choosing Your Objectives IBMYP Assessments Content
Standard Example IBMYP
Objective IBMYP
Assessment AF 6.0
Given a linear equation in slope intercept form, students will be able to graph the line it represents (Algebra and Function 6.0)
C. Communication in Mathematics
use different forms of mathematical representation (formulae, diagrams, tables, charts, graphs and
models) Written, Taught, & Assessed Curriculum Opening Classroom Doors Develop an MYP Unit for your next or November Unit
Your department chairs have been emailed your:
Subject-Specific Guide
PowerPoint on developing an MYP Unit
MYP Unit form IBMYP Unit Assessments
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