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Survival by John floyd

No description

John Mysliwiec

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Survival by John floyd

Survival by John floyd
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
John M. Floyd
Has written over 1000 short stories and 4 books
Has won lots of awards in writing
He worked as an Air Force Captain
He was a computer engineer for IBM
Step 4
1. Predict what the story is about.
2. Predict the setting of the story.
3. Would you like to change or add to your prediction of the setting?
4. What do you think has happened to the characters in the story?
5. Why would McLane be worried that Antonio would leave them on the island?
6. Sketch what you think Susan looks like.
7. Why would McLane be suspicious? This would be an assumption based on what you know
from your own life.

8. Predict what you think will happen next.
9. Do you trust Susan right now? Why or why not?
10. Were you surprised by this turn in the story?
11. Why would Ross think that Susan would get rid of Antonio?
12. Predict the ending of the story.
13. Is the man a pirate?
14. Given this new clue, give the setting of the story, including a timeframe.
15. Predict what will happen to Ms. McLane after they return to civilization.
16. List the main events of the story as you remember them.
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