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The Hobbit

No description

Jenna Sparano

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of The Hobbit

The Hobbit
Event 2
Event 3
Event 13
The Hobbit
By J.R.R. Tolkien

Bilbo: Main character.
Well mannered


Bilbo meets Thorin and his twelve dwarfs soldiers. Gandalf, Thorin, and the Dwarfs discuss with Bilbo the plans of their adventure to The Lonely Mountain to confront Smaug, the dragon in order to reclaim their gold.

Leader of the dawrfs

Dwarf Soldiers:
Gandalf tries to persuade Bilbo to join them on their journey to act as a "burglar" in order to reclaim the gold. Bilbo is hesitant about leaving the comfort of his hobbit hole but finally agrees to go with them.
Lonely Mountain
A short while after the group sets out, three angry trolls capture everyone except Gandalf. Gandalf manages to trick the trolls into staying outside when the sun comes out thus, turning the trolls into stone.
Event 4
Event 1
Event 5
The group finds a cache of the trolls weapons in the trolls' camp. Gandalf and Thorin take magical swords while Bilbo takes a small sword for himself.
Event 6
The troops rest at an elfish stronghold of Rivendell. Here they receive advice from the great elf lord Elrond. He warns them to beware of the goblins.
Event 7
The group then sets out across the Misty Mountains. When they are forced to find shelter in a cave during a snowstorm a pack of goblins who live underneath the cave, take them prisoner. Gandalf leads the dwarves out of the mountain through a passage, but they leave behind Bilbo.
Event 8
Bilbo wakes up in the goblin cave and beings
wondering through the tunnels when he comes across a strange golden ring. He puts the ring in his pocket and proceeds. Then he encounters Gollum. Gollum wants to eat Bilbo so they have a riddle contest to determine Bilbo's fate.

A hissing, Whining creature.
lives in a pool in the caverns.
hunts fish and goblins.
Event 9
Bilbo manages to escape from Gollum and get out of the cave by putting on the gold ring, making him invisible, and meets up with the others.
Event 10
Evil wolves called Wargs begin
to chase after them through the forest. Bilbo and the others are helped to safety by a flock of giant eagles and Beorn, a creature who can change shape from a man into a bear.
Event 11
The group ventures into Mirkwood forest. Gandalf leaves the others to tend to more important matters, but warns them not to stray from the path and go deep into the forest. But when Bilbo and the dwarves run out of food, they do just that.
Event 12
As they stray from the path, they stumble into the feast of the
Wood-elves and Thorin is taken prisoner while the rest of the dwarves depart into the forest.
Bilbo and the dwarves get attacked by giant spiders. Bilbo manages to slay the spiders with his invisibility ring and his sword. A short while later the dwarves are captured by the Wood-elvs.
Event 14
Again, Bilbo puts the ring and sword to use by helping the dwarves escape. He hides them in barrels and floats them down the river out of the Wood-elvs prison.
Bilbo meets Gandalf and invites him for tea in his hobbit hole. They talk about how Bilbo knows of Gandalf
Event 15
The dwarves arrive at the human village of Lake Town near the Lonely Mountain, where Smaug is keeping Thorin's treasure.
Event 16
The group gets assistance from the Master of Lake Town to travel to the Lonely Mountain. They wait outside the door marked on Thorin's map. When Durin's Day comes the door reveals a keyhole that Thorin uses his key to unlock. They find a passage that leads them to the heart of the Lonely Mountain.
Event 17
Bilbo climbs through the passage and steals a golden cup from Smaug. He then
talks to Smaug but he can not
see Bilbo because of the ring. Bilbo
notices a small patch of scales on Smaugs chest is missing indicating his weak spot. Bilbo tells this to the dwarves.
Event 18
Smaug realizes his golden cup is missing and goes to Lake Town in search of it. The giant bird that has been keeping watch over Bilbo and the dwarves hears of Smaug's arrival in Lake Town and goes to find the archer, Bard, that may be able to kill him. He waits until the dragon is flying right over Lake Town to shoot him in the chest and successfully kill him.
Event 19
Bilbo and the dwarves wait for the dragon to reappear. When he doesn't, Bilbo goes into the treasure room and finds a giant diamond, the Arkenstone of Thrain. This is a family heirloom that Thorin desperately wants but Bilbo does not yet tell Thorin he found it.
Event 20
Back in the town, people rejoice of Smaugs death. The Elvenking of Mirkwood comes with armies in hopes of finding treasure as well as people from Lake Town. Thorin refuses to share his treasure and calls is cousin Dain and other dwarves to help him guard it.
Event 21
Bilbo wants to prevent any type of fighting over
the treasure so he brings the Arkenstone to Bard so he can negotiate with Thorin.
Event 22
Suddenly, Gandalf arrives with terrible news. The goblins of the Misty Mountain have been banding with the Wargs to march against all of them.
Event 23
The humans, elves, and dwarves who were about to go to war against each other now band together against the goblins and Wargs
Event 24
They barley manage to win but they come out on top thanks to the help of giant eagles and the sudden appearance of Beorn. Thorin is badly hurt in battle and his last wish is to befriend Bilbo and realizes Bilbo was only trying to help. He cries over Thorin's death and now just wants to go home.
Event 25
Gandalf escorts Bilbo back to the safety of his home with some treasure and much respect from everyone who he helped along the unexpected journey.
Event 17
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