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Creating Strong and Active Educational Partnerships with fam

No description

Sarah Bell

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Creating Strong and Active Educational Partnerships with fam

Creating Strong and Active Educational Partnerships with families
Why do classrooms need to be more family friendly?
How can Parents help teachers?
Parents contribution to the child's school is very important. They provide the teachers with different knowledge about the student that the teachers may not know about.
How can parents benefit from being involved in their child's education?
They can observe techniques that reaches children successfully in dealing with them, and then model those behaviors at home.
Examples of this knowledge:
Parents know they child's physical, medical, social and intellectual history.
Working with students families is a vital component to the students overall educational experience. Students, parents, and teachers benefit from parent involvement in the child's education.
The they know the child a as member of a family, and the different roles the child plays in the family, extended family, and the community. They provide the teacher a view of the whole child. .
The family already knows that makes the child happy or sad or how well they react with change. Parents also can inform the teachers of when there has been a change in the home enviroment so the teacher will be aware if there is a change in behavior, and be more understanding in these changes.
Families have a surplus of intimate knowledge about their children, helping the teacher understand how she can customize or taylor instruction to the preferences of the child.
They can learn what behaviors are appropriate at what ages.
By observing their children in different settings it helps them get to know their child better as a social being.
They become more aware of school resources that are available to them, and access to a consultant aka the teacher who knows their child who knows when and how to help them.
Steps to take in creating a school/home partnership:
Prepare families for what they can expect from their child's school experiecne and what is expected of them.
Support all families, acknowledge all concerns and opinions even if you don't agree with them
Respect values of families
Keep a professional distance
Contact families frequently
Help families support one another
Enhance the families perception of their children
Listen to them
Checklist for making our school family friendly
hold orientation at times convent to families
Provide child care for meetings
Create family/ parent bulletin board
Provide transportation for families who need them
Provide resource and referral lists
Provide multilingual written communications when needed
Encourage regularly scheduled conferences
Provide many opportunities for the families or parents to volunteer
Provide written communication in clear and easily read language
Make informal calls to parents to inform them of their child's success
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