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Oyunsuvd Batbold

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of GERUNDS, SHORT RESPONSES

S + Gerund + verb "ing" = I like traveling.

I hate working on weekends.
I love dancing in the parties.
I enjoy singing in the karaoke.

I´m interested in learning English.
I´m good at using a computer.
So do I
So do I

So am I
Oh, I don´t

Really? I like it

Gee, I´m not.
So do I
So do I
So am I
Negative statements with gerunds
I don´t mind working long hours

I´m not good at selling

I can´t stand making mistakes.
Well, I do

I am

Oh, I don´t mind
Neither do I

Neither am I

Neither can I
Exercise: 1
Match the sentences. Then write agree or disagree.
1. I don't like ... a. talking on the phone
2. I 'm not very good at ... b. working with team.
3. I 'm good at ... c. solving problems.
4. I hate ... d. sitting in meetings.
5. I can't stand ... e. commuting to work.
6. I 'm not interested in ... f. making coffee for my boss
7. I don't mind ... g. organizing my time.
8. I enjoy ... h. learning languages.

Exercise: 2
1. Alicia ____________ soap operas on television.
a. enjoys watching
b. enjoying watch
2. They __________ hat on a hot day.
a. prefer wearing
b. preferring wear
3. She ___________ .
a. is good at dance
b. are good at dancing
4. I ___________cards.
a. don't liking play
b. don't like playing
5. You __________ early in the morning.
a. hate waking up
b. hating wake up
love good at
like can't stand
enjoy don't mind
hate prefer
Exercise: 1
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