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Angela Gomez

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

And finally be a MANAGER! My Plan to become a Sales Lead at Ann Taylor..... Clienteling I really need to work on concentrating on certain
clients. For example, remembering names, and keeping
track of certain types of clothing pieces that certain
clients like. Making sure to make phone calls & updating
them on the upcoming sales. Just making sure to
really make a bond with clients and to establish
trust. Always being considerate & never
being PUSHY!!! :) Building character What is also really important is showing that I'm
willing to go the extra mile on large or small things.
Making sure that every time I do something that it
is can be trusted to be done the correct way.
Putting a mark, and letting it be shown that "Angela
has been here". Storesets should be taken very
seriously, and my section of the store
that is done, should look flawless! Displaying Leadership What was told to me, by a certain associate that
is a sales lead, is that I need to step up my game
in become a leader. What I say should matter, and
fellow associates should feel the need to think "What
would Angela say?" I really need to work on my
leadership presence. Not that I need to be bossy,
because that is so completely out of
character for me. I just need to work
on being taken
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