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Kansas Children's Service League

KCSL Prezi Presentation - Class

Susan Vierthaler

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Kansas Children's Service League

To Protect and Promote
the well-being of children For over 100 years, we have
provided a continuum of
programs & services advocated
for children, and collaborated
with public and private agencies
to impact the lives of over
40,000 children and families
each year. KCSL is dedicated
to providing services and advocacy
efforts that focus on keeping children
safe, families strong and communities
involved. Main Phone: 1-877-530-5275 Various locations in Kansas, for
details contact our main number
above or visit our website at:

24 Hour Parent Helpline:
1-800-CHILDREN Adoption Services
Adoption Search
Adopt Kansas Kids
Infant Adoption

Early Childhood Education
Early Headstart
Pre-K Family Support Services
Case Management
Parenting Education Foster Care Resources Mental Health Resources
Services provided: KCSL Resource Centers
& Support Groups April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
Wanting to make a difference
in a child's life? Consider
Fostering a Foster Child.
Foster Families are needed
especially for children 10 and
older and African-American
teen males. Contact us for
more details... Miles4Kids will be holding
its First Annual Run-A-Thon
challenge in support of Child
Abuse Prevention Month in
April. Get involved by joining
the miles4kids team or donating.
All proceeds will go towards KCSL's
programs helping kids have a brighter
future. Contact us for more information.
Call us today...
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