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Tyler_Gabbard_Multimedia i-Search

No description

Edward Gabbard

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Tyler_Gabbard_Multimedia i-Search

Double click anywhere & add an idea First you need to choose a college.This can
be a lengthy and complicated process, but
it will be one of the most important decisions
that you will ever make. I decided on Purdue University
for a number of reasons.
Purdue is well known for engineering
I love the campus, it is the perfect size and beautiful
Just far enough away from home but not too close either Choosing a major = hard thought for most For me deciding on a major was actually rather simple.
I have loved science and math since I was a child. The
selling point for me was my senior year when I took AP
Chemistry. I knew out of my enjoyment that I wanted to
do something with the field. I initially enrolled in a Chemistry/ Chemical
Engineering dual major. Now I am leaning
toward ONLY a B.S. in ChE. This is what my plan of study
looks like I'm on track for a 5 year graduation So I've now told you what I need to do to
become a ChE, but what do they do ChE is essenitally taking Chemistry and applying to
all kinds of things. This is includes things such as designing, constructing, and optimizing systems involving chemicals. This could be jobs in areas like pharmaceuticals,
biochemical engineering, petroleum and petrochemical
engineering, food engineering, process control, and
production of chemicals. What prospective companies are there? Purdue is definitely at the top of my list. I would
look into getting a Masters in Chemistry. Purdue pays grad students in Chemistry
to get their masters saving me money! This leads to applying to companies that I previously listed I am currently entering my second summer as
an Intern for Hooseir Energy These are the objectives as found on
the Chemical Engineering website
at Purdue
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