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Similarities and Differences of Greek and Roman temples.

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Jimmye Ann Johnston

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences of Greek and Roman temples.

Similarities and Differences
of Greek and Roman
temples. The Greeks used marble and granite
to construct its temples. The Romans,
used brick and concrete to construct
they're temples. Differences Greek and Roman architecture have long
been connected due to the similarities
between the temples and other structures
that two civilizations created. Roman
architecture was highly influenced by
Greece but the Romans also diverged to
create a separate identity, The End! Differences The Building's Columns The Greeks did not really favor the Doric
in many of they're temples. The
Parthenon dedicated to
the Goddess Athena
is an example of the
Doric columns. Roman
architecture preferred
the Corinthian column
and can be seen in the
Pantheon. Materials Addition Information
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