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No description

sonali punj

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Autism

Autism By Sonali Punj 10 Facts of Autism 1. Autism is caused by abnormalities in the brain and complications in the womb, NOT by bad parenting
2. All autistic children have different behavior patterns. Some act out violently while others are mostly passive.
3. Autism is NOT
a rare childhood disorder 4. Autism will not show up in a lab test as having some kind of chemical imbalance 5. Some signs of autism are social awkwardness, rudeness, and independence from peer group 6. Autistic people used to be known as outcasts from society but today are treated with the same respect as everyone else 7. Not all autistic children are some kind of geniuses 8. Autistic children are more likely to befriend others that share their disability 9. Children who are autistic should be treated with the equal amount of care when in their adult years to prevent any “outbursts” from happening
10. A large percentage of autistic children have fears or difficulty with random items that are triggered by the brain and are sometimes uncontrollable
The Tune of Your Mind
By Les Murray

Asperges me hyssopo
the snatch of plainsong went,
Thou sprinklest me with hyssop
was the clerical intent,
not Asparagus with hiccups
and never autistic savant.

Asperger, mais. Asperg is me.
The coin took years to drop:

Lectures instead of chat. The want
of people skills. The need for Rules.
Never towing a line from the Ship of Fools.
The avoided eyes. Great memory.
Horror not seeming to perturb--
Hyssop can be a bitter herb.
Stephen Wiltshire's Drawing of New York Stephen, who was diagnosed autistic at an early age, drew this 18 ft. picture of New York after riding in helicopter for 20 minutes seeing the city for the first time.
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