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Eastern Orthodox

No description

Mabel Idicula

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Eastern Orthodox

Eastern Orthodox
Their attire for church requires no hats for the men and skirts for the ladies.
They light candles in front of the icons of people they respect.
Men and women are separated.
Only the old can sit during the service.
Eastern Orthodox had conflict in the past like many other religions. Most of it was when the church was formed. The Roman Empire split into two and was ruled by two different people. The pope commanded the leader of the Eastern church to leave and in response the leader criticized the pope. The churches officially split and weren't too friendly.
Background Info
Eastern Orthodox was founded by Jesus and the Apostles on the day of Pentecost (33 AD). Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics were once the same denomination but in 1054 AD in the former Byzantine Empire the pope forced the patriarch of Constantinople out of the church and the two churches separated.

Basic Beliefs
Here are some basic beliefs of Orthodox Christians:
They respect Mary but do not pray to her.
They believe in baptism by immersion which cannot take place as an infant.
They believe that salvation is a life-long process and not immediate.
Global Locations
Eastern Orthodox is found all over the world but here are some of the most common places:
Eastern Europe
Unique Characteristics
They believe that the Scriptures interpreted by the seven ecumenical councils is what is correct while Protestants believe you can understand yourself.
The Eastern Orthodoxy's thinking is more philosophical, while Western Catholics are more logical.
They follow the seven sacraments which is different from other Christian denominations.



The churches later become friendly even though they are still separate. They perform kind deeds such as when the West came to help the East in war and the East declaring a positive statement over the West. The excommunication was removed in 1965.
The Orthodox church brings together different denominations of Christianity since its beginning and create more development.

It contributes to the culture and makes it more rich because of its specific customs and beliefs.
Positive Contributions
By: Mabel Idicula and Kenny Ma
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