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Australia and New Zealand

No description

Cristina Cao

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand
1- Australia population
84 per cent of the people in Australia live on just 1 per cent of the land!
2 – Health in outback
People in the outback can speak to a doctor by radio and get help. They also use Royal Flying Doctor service.
3- Education in outback
Teachers speak to students by radio. Children only spend a week together once a year.
4 – Uluru
At the end of the day, its colour changes from yellow to gold, red and then purple.
5- Lakes
Lakes are dry most of the time. Lake Mungo in New South Wales has had no water for 16000 years!
6- Todd River Regatta
The boats have no bottom, so “sailors” stand inside them to carry the boats.
7 – Ten sheep and two cows
For every person living in New Zealand there are ten sheep and two cows, or about 40 million sheep and 8 million cows in the whole country!
8 – Rugby
Before a game of rugby, the All Blacks do a haka, which is a Maori dance that makes them feel strong and tries to frighten the other teams.
9- Echidna and platypus
Their babies are born from eggs but drink milk from their mothers.
10 – Kakapos
They live in special places where no people, cats, dogs, or other animals can kill them.
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