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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta 2014

No description

Matt Ranlett

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of SharePoint Saturday Atlanta 2014

The presentation designed to make 50% of what you hear today invalid!
Let's be honest with ourselves, we want this portals stuff to be EASY!
If you can’t determine how to monitor and measure before beginning, don’t begin!
Tough love
Monitoring use - page hits
social media monitoring
surveys & feedback
search analytics
curve of folksonomy growth
Manage content by author, display by preferences

Content by Search Web Parts show all content with a tag defined in a catalog, regardless of location

Tags can automatically generate pages!
Search publishing pages
Demo traditional taxonomy artifacts & processes
Provisos and quid pro quo’s
What Is Taxonomy &
Why Is It Hard?
“WTF!?! I just spent a gazillion dollars on consultants to help define content types! What do I do now?”
Typical reactions
Demo the new stuff
to know...

Attendee Shirts
Speaker Shirts
Item & Event Sponsors
Please thank our sponsors
Categorizing content for clear definition and organization

What kind of content is it?
How does one interact with it?
When should it be used and by whom?
Cross-site search
managed metadata and folksonomies
social discovery
search based navigation
search publishing pages
Cross Site Search
SharePoint Search works OK (insert caveats) if you want an experience like Google all of the time
Crawl content = file names and text in docs (with limits)
Enterprise license gives better tuning and entity extraction
Content Querys (& CQWP) is great but limited

Content by Search is AWESOME!
Managed Metadata
& folksonomies
Now THIS is tagging!

Term Stores / Sets ensure consistency
Folksonomies - Keeping it Organic

Content Type Hubs & Published Services -
Because Sharing is Caring
Old Terms, New Terms & Synonyms

Social Discovery
Active social interactions - user types into status update fields to contribute content or ask questions
Passive social interactions - user activity is tracked and reported (Nick uploaded a document)
SP Activity Feed
Search based navigation
How can we get away from taxonomies?
Bring organization to disorganized content using Search (with a little help from managed metadata)

Managed Metadata Navigation - You (they) tag it, SharePoint builds the site map

Solving a common feature requests:
‘Related Links’ = Content by Search Web Part
Reduce navigation confusion = Search Navigation Web Part
Tips & Tricks
Rome wasn't built in a day - neither will your new search-based intranet be built in a day

Hire a librarian - someone has to resort the books

Spread out authoring responsibilities but make people ACCOUNTABLE (names on pages)!
Step by Step Plan
Speaker Dinner
Playing towards the ranking model

Managing the search center

Result Blocks, Query Rules and Display Types - Oh my.
Launch is just another milestone
Launch and
, not Launch and

Plan (and
) for ongoing projects to evolve and react to feedback

Train your users! Lean learning, games, and short interactive demonstrations work really well
This doesn’t work for all people or for all situations! Some content must be rigidly organized or requires automation through content types

Not only requires trust in end users, but
more effort from them
Answer this question: This taxonomy/topology project will be success when:__________.

Find some motivated people
Turn some specific things on.
Put a foundation /primer in place
Basic content types, terms, permissions
If you train them, they will come.
Review & Refine (up next)
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