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High School & 4 Year Plans

PCC High School Rossville

Amanda Hart

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of High School & 4 Year Plans

Get Started
? What do you think the point of high school is?
High School Plans
When you graduate, you get a diploma.
Why is having a high school diploma important?
How do you get ready for the next step?
High School & Plans
Astronaut of your future!
The whole point of high school is to...
1- Give everyone a base level education
2- Give you a chance to grow and be challenged in a supportive environment.
3- Prepare students for the next level of education.
Diploma= A certification backed by the Department of Education that says you have learned everything you should to meet different requirements.
Employers want to know they are hiring the best person for the job.
The majority of careers/ jobs will require AT LEAST a high school diploma.
?What are jobs that will require:
an associates degree?
a bachelor's degree
a master's degree
a doctorate?
Step 1
Figure yourself out.
Know things like:
learning styles
?What projects have we done to help you with this step?
Step 2
Make a plan!
Plan should include:
Short, medium & long term goals
Career interests & goals
Higher education you need to reach that career.
Plan A, B and C for education
High School education you need for your higher education.
Step 3
Make it happen!
Adjust as you go.
Planet of Diplomas
All require:
Prep for College & Careers
Health/ FACS Equivalent
2 PE Credits
Classes = Credits
60% minimum passing grade
1 semester = 1 credit
? If Jake takes Algebra I for the whole year and earned 78% each semester, how many credits did he earn?
Core 40 Diploma
40 Credits total
If you fail a class in high school:
1. You have to take that class again.
2. May not have the time or space in your schedule to take the classes you want.
3. May need to take a lab or study room also.
College Level Class Options
Dual Credit
Take and pass the class here.
Earn credit through Ivy Tech or Vincennens.
Other schools will take them for elective credits.
Advanced Placement
Take the class here.
Take the AP test in the spring, get a score from 1-5.
Different schools accept different scores for credit.
?Why would someone choose to take a college level class during high school?
Vocab Comet!
Quantitative Reasoning Class =
A math focused class
Taken JR or SR year
Might not be a "math" class
AP Bio
Chemistry & AP Chem
Physics & AP Physics
Agribusiness Management

Directed Elective
An elective class that earns you a credit.
Study Hall/ TA does NOT earn you a credit.
Just about any other class = Directed Elective.
Awesomeness Alert!
If you take 3 of the following classes, they can replace your health class AND count as electives.
Prep for College & Careers
Interpersonal Relationships
Nutrition & Wellness
Adult Roles & Responsibilities
Child Development
PE Waiver
If you participate in 2 sports in 1 year, you will earn 1 PE credit.
Guidance has the forms for your coaches to sign off on your involvement.
Academic Honors
Best prepares you for college.
Pass your classes with a 70% or better
Keep a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) or better
Take 2 different AP tests
Pass 2 different Dual Credit classes
Score 1750 on the SAT or 26 on the ACT
do one of the following>>>>
Technical Honors Diploma
Got a content focus? This is for you!
Same base classes as Core 40 Diploma
Pass your classes with a 70% or better
Keep a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) or better
Extra Test Options
SAT= 1750, or ACT = 26
Pass 2 dual credit classes
Take 2 AP tests
Work Keys Test- Work One
Reading & Math = 6
Locating Info= 5
Accuplacer- Ivy Tech
Writing = 80
Reading = 90
Math = 75
Sort of a hybrid of the other diplomas.
? Why would someone take Spanish if their diploma type didn't require a language?
Right now, time is on your side.
If you aim high, you can change later.
If you aim low, you don't always have time to change.
Going to college?
Aim for the Academic Honors Diploma!
Best prepares you for college level work.
College Admissions Requirements
You can check what it takes to be admitted to the school you want.
Purdue: http://admissions.purdue.edu/apply/highschoolcourses.php
IU: https://admissions.indiana.edu/apply/freshman/step-one.html
Notre Dame:http://admissions.nd.edu/apply/evaluation-criteria/
Search <school name> + admissions requirements
Time to make your plan!
1. Open the 4 Year Plan in Canvas- Mod 4
2. Open the Curriculum Guide in Mod 4.
Look at actual classes & descriptions.
3. Fill out your Freshman year in the 4 year plan.
Keep going!
Order of classes
Prerequisites = must take before another class
Co-requisites= must take with another class
Work-Based Learning
Seniors only
Apply Junior year
Complete a pathway
Work up to 3 class periods
Get paid!
You MUST use the Curriculum Guide to see the specific details about a class.
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