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Jackson, Tony, and Jake's prezi on Roman Basilicas -jackson check it out i think where done- jake

Jackson Hofmann

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Basilica

The Roman Basilica not to be confused with the basilisk The roman Basilica
was used forJudical, Commercial
and Govermental activites the roof was held up by many colums A wide roof was necessary but dangerous at the time the main isle is higher than the isles to the left and right to produce more naturall light The roman bailica was built, because of new technologies at the time. It was later adopted by Christians as a model for the religous place of worship some basilicas have fallen down while others have stood up one of the best preserved Roman Basilicas is in Vienna. Belived to be founded in 792 AD The Basilica was an everyday occurence in the lives of the roman citizens It was where they met, heard of news and socialized
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