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26 Instructional Activities on the IPAD from A to Z

For High School iPad Day Long Inservice 5/23

courtney pepe

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of 26 Instructional Activities on the IPAD from A to Z

The technology does not always work perfectly.... How do I Deal with the kids knowing more than me? Time Innovation Start Let's Make It All About the Verbs... Finishing the "APP"labet Changing the Concept of What the High School Classroom Looks Like... Let's Promote 21st Century Learning... Time for Breakout Session #3 "A" is for App-Smashing
In My Class We Use a Concept Called APP Smashing Where We Combine Many APPS to Complete on Learning Task by Courtney Pepe 26 Instructional Activities on the iPad from A to Z B is for Blubbr http://www.blubbr.tv/
http://tinyurl.com/krsg8tx https://bubbl.us/ "C" is for Creative Book Builder "D" is for e"D"modo http://tinyurl.com/7pm5at8 "E" is for Pr"E"zi This is the world that we are living in today
http://tinyurl.com/cr9earw "F" is for Fotobabble
& Fluid Math for Katerina :) http://www.fotobabble.com/
http://www.fluiditysoftware.com/FluidMathFreeTrial/ "G" is for ima"G"e spinner great game APP on the iPad "H" is for "Haiku Deck" http://www.haikudeck.com/ "I" is for "I"nfuse Learning http://www.infuselearning.com/ "J" is for "J"ot No link, this was part of my evil plan to make sure everyone has an Apple ID :) "K" is for in"K"lewriter http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter "L" is for "L"inoIt http://en.linoit.com/ "M" is for My Create Only one of two paid APPS I will show you because it is great for illustrating cycles and/or processes for math & science "N" is for ti"N"y url http://tinyurl.com/ "O" is for Good Notes
which will be replacing Good Reader next year "P" is for Popplet http://popplet.com/ "Q" is for "Q"rStuff http://www.qrstuff.com "R" is for t"R"icider https://tricider.com/en/t/ "S" is for "S"imple Minds http://www.simpleapps.eu/simplemind/ "T" is for ins"T"agrok http://www.instagrok.com/ "U" is for a review of ed"U"creations
Qualitative formative assessment "V" is for "V"iva la Poll Snack http://www.pollsnack.com/ "W" is for "W"allwisher http://wallwisher.com/ Explain Everything This is an APP made by a friend of mind :) "Y" is for eas"Y" assessment APP in the APP store for $1.99 "Z" is for "Z"ite http://www.zite.com/ Breakout Session #1
Please go to the following link
http://www.edmodo.com/home Link for Breakout Session #2 http://tinyurl.com/po5b7rt LInk for Breakout Session #3
http://m.socrative.com/student/#joinRoom honorable mention goes to

http://www.visualead.com/ Breakout Session #4 http://tricider.com/brainstorming/dQhh Breakout Session #5 http://snack.to/qu8yrmmh Voice of the Active Learner... My classroom is not an APP driven classroom but a learning environment which fosters innovation and rigorous curriculum
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