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A long Walk to Water

No description

Emma Wilens

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of A long Walk to Water

While reading A Long Walk to Water I was struck most by the characters courage. The main Salva and Nya demonstrated tremendous courage throughout the book. Their strength and determination
helped them deal with difficult life situations.
Salva was 11 years old when war broke out in his town. Luckily he escaped, but was all alone. He began searching for his family but was told that they where dead. Salva and many people from his tribe set off to Ethiopia to find safety. There were many difficulties along the way. Salva had to find the courage within him in order to keep moving on. This was not an easy journey and he never gave up hope.
Nya was an eleven year old girl who lived in village that had no running water. Everyday Nya would walk for hours to the pond to get water for her mom and little brother. She would have to make this journey twice a day, every day. One day people came to the village and began drilling a well. This changed Nya's life as she no longer had to spend her days getting water but could go to school and get an education.
When they Meet
At the end of the book Nya went over to the man that was in charge of installing the water fountain. He looked and talked like he was from another tribe. Nya went to him to say thank you and introduce herself. She says hi my name is Nya and the voice answers back saying hello my name is Salva.
A Long Walk To Water
How Courage relates to me
I think courage relates to me because I take risks. I try new things, and I am always up for a challenge. I show courage because I have the ability to face my fears and try my best. I work hard in school and on the swim team. I would hope that I could be a brave and courageous as Salva and Nya if ever in a really difficult situation.
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