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Top 5 Reasons to Break Away from Great Britain

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James Slattery

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Top 5 Reasons to Break Away from Great Britain

Top 5 Reasons to Break Away from Great Britain
Number 4
He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasion on the rights of people.

As we move up the list it just gets worse and worse. The colonists always tried to press charges on the king, or come to peace with him. Founding.com stated as an example, "... in 1768, the representative assembly of Massachusetts issued a letter for circulation charging the King and Parliament with infringing the rights of Americans. After this letter had come to the attention of the British government, Governor Bernard of Massachusetts was ordered to dissolve the assembly unless the letter were rescinded." Whenever they would send a letter or edict to the king, it was always dissolved. by the governor. No matter how hard the colonists tried to make peace or break peace, it was always shutdown by Parliament.
Number 3
He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of legislatures.

Now we have entered the worst of the worst. Founding.com says, "Moreover, standing armies had long been regarded, in both England and America, as a danger that required the closest supervision of the people." When the king passed the quartering act and the writs of assistance, many people were outraged. When they were in times of peace, they were always being watched and searched by the British Army. There is also the fact that the King kept moving troops to Boston which caused even more tension between the colonies.
Number 2
Taxing the colonies without there consent of the legislatures.

Not quite the worst, but definitely the most memorable offense against the people of America. The reason being because A. It made the colonists pay extra money to Britain which paying extra is never a good thing. B. The colonists never got to say whether they wanted it or not. Parliament just kind of said, “Were placing a tax, and you’re gonna have to deal with it.” Founding.com stated that, "Not just taxes, but all acts of government must be by "the consent of the governed." This meant that you must get approval before making an act. Considering it put taxes on all major imports to America, people usually were not getting the stuff they need to survive. So in order to get the things they need to live a happy life, they needed to break away from Great Britain.

Number 1!
Cutting off trade with all parts of the world

This is definitely the worst of the grievances against the king. The reason for this being is because this is how the colonists got there food, supplies and other things, was from trade. When you take that away, and that was how you made a living, you would not get what you need to stay alive, making it almost impossible to live. Coloniallhall.com states, "By this means a profitable trade with the Spanish and French colonies in America, which the colonists had long uninterruptedly enjoyed, (although in violation of the old Navigation Act,) was destroyed. This is also how you would get money to pay for other things, which you can’t get because you can’t trade. Even if you did have money to pay for things, you wouldn’t be able to because theres no trade. The colonist needed to depend on others to survive, so in order to get what they need to survive, they needed to be able to trade. This is why I think it is the worst offense against the colonies.
Number 5
He has deprived us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury.

This I believe was not as bad as the other offenses later down the path. This is still a bad part of the colonial history because no one accused of anything had a fair trial. If Parliament said that you were guilty, no one got to disagree, you were just guilty. If we need to be free people, we need to be able to stand trial. "Americans regarded trial by jury as a necessary protection to the rights of individuals against the abuse of power by government." This statement was made by Founding.com on there opinion to the grievance.
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