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Culture Tech 2012

My keynote for the festival in Derry, Northern Ireland. 9/1/12

Daniel Burwen

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Culture Tech 2012

"Technology inspires art, and art challenges the technology" Jurassic Park (1993) Virtua Fighter (1993) 1994 2000 2006 Console Lifespan = 6 Years

Driven by Fidelity Virtua Fighter Then & Now Texture Memory
(megabytes) Playstation Move (2010) Xbox Kinect (2010) Emphasis has Switched from
Fidelity to Interface Interface Drives
Mobile Computing Everyone has a Mobile Phone Phone Lifespan = 18 Months

Driven by Multiple Aspects
of Technology 3D Arrives in Games & Film ` Daniel Burwen Creative Director - Cognito Comics Who I Am • My background is in Graphic Design and Video Games
• I'm a storyteller that works at the Intersection of Art & Technology @danielburwen Airplay Visual Fidelity Driving Technology of Games and Film Interface Hardly Changes The Rise of Mobile - John Lasseter Film has Achieved Fidelity Nintendo Wii (2006) Sony Playstation (1994) The Horse in Motion (1878) Pong (1972) ∞ ∞ Different Fidelity Curves Google Glasses (2012) Leap 3D (2012) + = #culturetech
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