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Bloom Language School

No description

Dina Mamdouh

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Bloom Language School

Important School Policies
Moral Values
English Speaking Community
Administrative Regulations
Induction Session Program
Who is Who?
Dr. Mohamed Naguib
School Director
New Staff Members
Bloom Language School
Important Contacts
Mrs. Dina Mamdouh: 01009421176
Mrs. Norhan Taha: 01001368738
Mrs. Soha Khallaf: 01002811262
Teachers Induction Session
Sept. 2015/2016

Who is Who ?
Who we are!
What we do!
What's new?
Rules! Rules!
Any Questions?!
Mr. Gamal Hawash
Mrs. Nivert Abdallah
KG. Director
Mrs. Dina Mamdouh
School Principal
School Hierarchy
Mrs. Norhan Taha
Prim. Stages Cordinator
Mrs. Soha Khallaf
Prep & Sec. Stages Principal
Department Heads
School Mobile phones:
0101 5141409
Who we are!
Be Creative
School Vision
Learn for Life
Opt for Excellence
Offer Respect
Morality is the Priority

e creative
earn for life
pt for excellence
ffer respect
orality is the priority
What we do!
Take a Break
What's New ?!
Our Objectives this year
Rules! Rules!
English Speaking Community
Enrichment Program
Activity Clubs
Discipline in hallways & playgrounds
Activity Clubs
Questions & Answer
Home work Policy
Remedial Policy
Student Evaluation/Website
Communication with Parents
Discipline Policy

Absence/Tardiness Policy

Internal Policies
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